Despite All Odds, Former LNHH Star Apple Watts Speech Is Returning Slowly Two Months After Accident

Significant updates have been revealed in Apple Watts’s recovery process. Following a near-tragic experience months ago, her family has shared that the former oLove and Hip HopHollywood star is one step closer to a full recovery.

Apple Watts Car Accident

March 23rd of this year was a day that would shift the lives of Apple Watts, her family, close friends, and supporters. The television personality, real name Jontelle Lafaye Watts, was involved in a horrendous car accident that nearly took her life. Soon, the unfortunate news began to circulate on social media, and her sister, Dominique Flournoy, provided confirmation to The Shade Room. According to multiple reports that detailed the scene, as Apple Watts traveled in a vehicle to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, she, unfortunately, met in a brutal accident. The car Watts was driving crashed into a truck, ultimately causing it to “flip multiple times,” Page Six reported.   The accident’s impact discharged the reality star out of her vehicle, causing multiple injuries and leaving her unresponsive.  

Apple Watt’s Sister, Dominique Flournoy Gives Update On Reality Star’s Condition

Fans of Apple Watts were constantly given updates about her thanks to her sister, Dominique Flournoy. Taking to Watts’s Instagram page, Flournoy dispelled rumors that her sister had passed away due to the accident. “APPLE IS NOT DEAD,” she wrote to Watts’s 38 thousand followers. Flournoy then encouraged supporters to “pray” instead of spreading misinformation as her family and children would be privy to viewing it.  

Flournoy returned the next day to report that while Apple Watts was “still not awake,” she was way more responsive than before. However, her sister was not out of the woods just yet.  The Shade Room also confirmed via Dominique Flournoy that Watts’s injuries included “a fractured skull, a broken spine and a shattered arm.” Throughout her hospital stay, the television personality has been surrounded by family and friends who have shown their love and support for the Compton native.

April brought on more improvements in Apple Watts’s health. She was placed on breathing machines and opened her eyes early in the month. However, Flournoy stated on the 8th that her sister still suffered from severe head trauma that would have to heal independently. Watts was elevated to a stable condition, although still mainly unresponsive due to Diffuse Axonal Injury, which can cause more brain injuries and a coma. 

On April 15th, Flournoy gave an update of an eye surgery that thankfully went well. Soon, reports gradually became slightly more optimistic as Watts began to do more movements in her legs and arms. She then excitedly shared on the 22nd that her sister would finally be transferred to a facility closer to home in California. But unfortunately, the transfer did not happen as scheduled due to insurance issues.

On the 30th, Flournoy reported that Apple Watts began physical therapy sessions on social media. As they entered May, Watts’s sister kept the faith, saying that she felt her sister was “coming back slowly but surely.”   However, May 15th gave an update on Watts’s right arm, with Flournoy worried that she wouldn’t be able to utilize it anymore. She implored supporters to continue praying as it was a “long journey” ahead. The reality star’s 37th birthday was also spent in the hospital. Apple Watts’s condition didn’t seem to show any signs of significant improvement as May travailed. Dominique Flournoy became candid about seeing her sister in such a state but held on to hope.  

Apple Watts Is Now Speaking Again

But May was not going to end the way it was seemingly taking. Towards the end of the month, Dominique Flournoy happily took to social media to share that Apple Watts had started to speak. “Help me, help me, help me,” Flournoy claimed that her sister’s words were.   Days later, Apple Watts reportedly was able to place her feet on the floor and sit up for five seconds, according to her sister. Fans also began to share their excitement for Watts’s progress while promising their continued prayers for her recovery.

Apple Watt’s GofundMe Has Raised $10K Since March 30th.

As anyone could imagine, medical expenses can be equally as painful. Because of the hefty costs and issues with insurance, Apple Watts’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help offset the payments. However, many fraudulent pages also surfaced, which the family had to also dispute. “Apple is a true fighter and now it is our turn to extend strength and support to her as the road to recovery ahead will be a long one,” states Dominique Flournoy on the page. Since being set up, the page has amassed over $10K in donations out of a goal of $16K.

If you would like to donate, you can do so here. Continued prayers for a full recovery are also appreciated. 

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