Dennis Rodman’s Daughter Claims He Goes Months and Sometimes Years Without Speaking To Her

Healing is on the horizon for Dennis Rodman and his children. The legendary NBA star has voiced his love for his three kids. But he’s been equally honest about how strained their relationship has been throughout the years. But a recent post from his youngest daughter, Trinity Rodman, shows that things may be headed in the right direction.

Trinity Rodman was born in May 2002 to Dennis Rodman and his former wife, Michelle Moyer. However, she was primarily raised by her mother while her father mainly focused on his career. Dennis Rodman admitted in a past sit-down on OWN’s Where Are They Now docu-series that he “doesn’t know how to be a father.” However, he claims to know how to “handle kids.” He spoke about his ex-wife communicating with him that he doesn’t seem to have an interest in his children. He responded that he does, but “I just don’t know how to show it,” Dennis Rodman confessed.

But thankfully, it looks like he’s trying. Rodman’s youngest daughter, Trinity, shared a heartwarming post to her Instagram followers showing a photo of the two embraced at one of her soccer games. Trinity Rodman currently plays for the Washington Saints of the National Women’s Soccer League. She is reportedly the highest-paid athlete. Trinity Rodman shared that her father showed up to her game, a move that was extremely surprising and touching. She admitted that seeing her father caused a whirlwind of emotions, including being “shocked, overwhelmed, happy, [and] sad.”

Furthermore, Trinity Rodman revealed that they go through a span of “months, if not years, without his presence or communication.” But it appears as though their strained relationship hasn’t left her feeling bitter or harboring hatred for Dennis Rodman. Instead, she’s operating with grace.  “We don’t have the best relationship,” she wrote, “but at the end of the day, he’s human, I’m human.” Additionally, Trinity Rodman acknowledges Dennis Rodman as her “dad” above all, and she will forever be his “little girl.” “I will improve and look forward every day as I hope he does,” concluded Trinity Rodman. We hope that they can continue on the path of reconciliation and healing.

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