Dennis Rodman Claims He Doesn’t Care About Any Of His Three Kids, And Doesn’t Know Why He’s A Bad Dad

Fatherhood has admittedly been a challenging journey for NBA legend Dennis Rodman. The former Chicago Bulls player is a father of three children. Yet, things have not been the greatest with his relationship with his children. Recently, he held a candid conversation on the Jay Shetty Podcast, where he spoke on why there are issues with his kids.

Dennis Rodman’s first child, Alexis Caitlyn, was born in 1998 to his then-girlfriend Annie Bakes, whom he later married. But their marriage quickly ended in divorce, and a tumultuous custody battle followed. This was one of the reasons that Dennis Rodman and his daughter’s relationship was strained for years. However, Rodman gave a heartwarming story in a 2013 appearance on OWN’s Where Are They Now and shared that they have since reconnected.

Then, Dennis Rodman began dating a woman named Michelle Moyer in 1999. Their relationship birthed two children, Dennis Rodman Jr. and Trinity Rodman. His son, affectionately known as “DJ,” is now 21 and plays for the Washington State Cougars college basketball team. Daughter Trinity Rodman is a successful soccer player who has already achieved much success in her own right. According to CNN, she made history at 18 and became the youngest woman drafted in the National Women’s Soccer League. In addition, the Washington Post states that she’s the highest-paid player in the league as she’s achieved numerous accolades already, including Rookie Of The Year.

So with all of his children’s remarkable accomplishments, why is Dennis Rodman so distant? The former NBA player explained that he’s been dealing with how he started off as a “great human being” before everything became selfishly driven. Rodman admits that he got to a point where he didn’t “give a…” about nobody else, especially [his] kids,” which he claims is the “tough part.”

Dennis Rodman also admits that he doesn’t know why he’s become an imperfect father in the eyes of his children because, ideally, he thinks he’s a good father. But he does jump through times where he battles rough and painful moments, causing much mental pain.   However, there seems to be hope. Dennis Rodman claims that perhaps his children should sit him down and help him realize his selfish ways. That way, Rodman claims he may be able to “open his eyes” more to their needs.

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