Deelishis Considers Different Ways To Make Money Following Divorce

Reality star Deelishis is heading for divorce. The Flavor of Love alumni married Raymond Santana of the Central Park 5 a few years ago, and the two have been all over social media flaunting their love and chemistry. It is unclear when things soured, but according to Deelishis, it is really bad right now, and she could possibly have to turn to other work to keep money coming in.

Things began to go down hill publicly between Deelishis and Santana on March 1st when she took to social media to reveal that he was a narcissist, liar, and cheater. She told her followers that she was “finally ready to speak up” and teased more to come with “stay tuned. #GlovesOff.” She later changed the caption to say, “Today I appear to be by myself, but I’m not ALONE‼️ #InGodsTiming #JustLONDON.” Raymond fired back by filing for divorce. In a separate IG story, she alluded to Santana struggling with childhood trauma but stressed that she wanted to tough it out and that he was the one who decided to end things.

Raymond famously received part of a 41 million dollar settlement issued to him and the other four members of the now exonerated five following the reveal that they were all wrongfully accused. Many fans called Deelishis a gold digger and assumed she was leaving him because the money dried out. However, according to her, he is not broke. She also told fans that she had money before him and would have money after.

Fast forward to this week, Deelishis is singing a different tune. While getting her hair done on IG live, the reality star revealed that divorce is expensive, and she is considering taking her famous rear end over to OnlyFans to re-coop some money after everything is done. “This is not an OnlyFans, at least not today! Don’t quote me on that. Ya’ll know times be getting hard when you going through divorce and stuff.” She goes on to say she’s kidding, but not really. Deelishis says one of her friends is trying to convince her, but she does not know what she would do on the platform. She jokes that her first video would be a one-night-only and very awkward. She then laughed it off with her friends before asking her followers if they have an OnlyFans for old ladies.

In another parts of the live, Deelishis discusses how much weight she’s lost from the stress of divorce. “Thank god I don’t look like anything I been through,” she tells her followers. Raymond claims their union is “irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation” in his divorce filings. However, he is not looking for a big nasty split and has requested that they end the marriage on their own without the courts and with no alimony.

Raymond and Deelishis recently appeared on a season of VH1’s Couple’s Retreat, which ended up being more like Marriage Boot Camp. While on the program, they made attempts to strengthen their relationship, but that, unfortunately, did not help. The pair have reportedly been separated since November 7th of, 2021. Back in March, the reality star posted a video to reveal her drastic transformation after losing 40 lbs.

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