Deb Antney Upset She Had To Learn About Waka and Tammy Divorce In The Streets, Not From Them

Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera’s divorce has been a shocker for fans of the former power couple. The duo were going strong for years and seemed to be a solid unit before dissolving their marriage ahead of the third season of their show Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka. The season has been unpacking why they split and how it is affecting the people in their lives.

Deb Atney is a music industry heavyweight and Waka Flocka’s mother. The high-powered “momanger” has been a constant presence in his career since the beginning, helping him become a successful rapper before transitioning into reality television with him. Deb has been a strong voice in Waka and Tammy’s relationship, often pushing for them to have kids and sharing her opinion on how they run their household.

It makes sense that when the pair decided to split, Deb was not the first person they told. Instead, Deb had to find out in the news like everyone else. In a clip from the new season, Waka and Deb sit down to discuss his life and how things have been since the split. While he tried to focus on professional updates; including his budding real estate career, new music, and the debut of his new artist, Deb quickly shifted things towards the selling of his house and Waka and Tammy’s split.

“I’m just trying to figure out how everything is going. Honestly, I don’t know nothing,” his mother told him. She expressed that she was feeling some flashbacks because she famously found out about Waka and Tammy’s marriage in public first. “I didn’t hear about this separation from either one of them. I don’t know what to think.” Deb explains that she is numb to things now as a montage of Waka and Tammy’s relationship plays, showing the various fights and times they promised their relationship would never end.

Waka goes on to explain that he and Tammy did not end on bad terms and that he “shut the door” but did not “slam it.” Waka also asks his mother to respect his boundaries, and he says, “we ain’t got to get into this.” Waka says in his confessional that he has no intention of slamming Tammy because he does not want to look bitter or scare off the next woman.

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