Day 7 Of Tory Lanez Trial – Sean Kelly, Resident Of Neighborhood Testifies

Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez have been duking it out in court for seven days now. The pair and their legal teams are still trying to come to the bottom of what happened between the hitmaking pair during a ride home from a Kylie Jenner party in 2020. Today an eyewitness who watched the incident from his balcony tried to offer some clarity on what he saw that evening, but his added details are making the story seem more confusing than before.

Sean Kelly is a resident of the area where Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez incident occured According to him, the events of that evening were something out of a horror film. Kelly claims that he was woken up by screaming, and when he came out to his balcony, he saw two women pulling each other’s hair out. The two women are presumed to be Megan Thee Stallion and Kelsey Harris, despite both women denying they had a physical altercation. Kelly believes he saw several “muzzled flashes” which he initially believed to be fireworks coming from one of the girls and a “smaller gentleman,” possibly Tory Lanez, who was really upset and screaming.

These flashes were potentially weapons being discharged, although Kelly said on the stand that he did not see an instrument in anyone’s hands. In the past, Kelly did confirm that he seen a weapon. It is unclear why he changed his story today, only admitting to seeing the flashes, followed by a woman crawling away from the scene injured. In previous testimonies, Kelly claims a woman pulled the first trigger. Today only admitted to seeing flashes and Tory Lanez being “extremely agitated.”

James Queally was present in the courtroom and described Sean Kelly as an “all over the place” witness who continued to change his story from his previous testimonies. “I saw flashes; I never saw the [weapon]. I don’t know; I never saw a [weapon]; it was just flashes,” Queally recalls Kelly saying. Kelly confirmed at least 5 or 6 “flashes” during the scuffle.

Kelly says that things escalated when several people began ganging up on the woman. At one point he believed they were going to pick her up and drag her into a river. Insiders point out that his testimony does not line up with any of the other testimonies and throws everything into question. It was at this point that Kelly called 911 and could hear Megan and Tory’s driver say, “the police are coming,” before they dragged her into the car and drove off.

Some people tried to make sense of everything Kelly said, with one reporter saying, “^Just FYI, this would appear to be him [Kelly] claiming/describing everyone [harming] Megan, but since he doesn’t know any of the players by name, his narrative is obviously a little all over the place. ‘The shorter man’ = Tory, etc., is how he’s testifying.” Many are pointing out how different his account is from both Megan’s and Kelsey’s, who both maintain that all the drama took place in the car. This now positions everyone outside the vehicle at some point and still makes it very possible for either Lanez or Kelsey to be the ones behind the trigger.

Obviously, everyone is confused and wondering how this can affect the jury’s decision. So far, two jurors have been dismissed, one woman who was coughing and another one who was seen riding the elevator with Tory Lanez.

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