90s R&B Artist Recalls The Time He Confronted His Former Friend Ray J For Spreading Personal Details On His Life

Danny Boy was once a Death Row recording artist. In 2016, the singer came out to the world after experiencing his former lover take his own life. However, before coming out, his former friend Ray J revealed his business to people within their circle. While sitting down with No Vultures, Danny Boy was asked about his relationship with Ray J, and the singer gave an update no one was expecting to hear.

While visiting a barbershop, Danny Boy ran into one of his boys who revealed to him Ray J had been running around the town spreading rumors about him. According to the guy, Ray J was telling everyone Danny Boy was trying to get him to do things with him. The singer was also spreading rumors about Danny Boy’s use of substances. ” Ray J said you tried to get him to do some gay stuff,” the man told Danny Boy.

At the time of this encounter, Danny Boy was not out, so in addition to spreading rumors, Ray J was also in the streets ‘Outing’ Danny Boy to people in the industry. However, despite keeping his preference secret until now, Danny Boy claims he came out that day and pulled Ray J out with him. “I came out in that barbershop, or should I say we came,” the singer stated.

Danny Boy called out Ray J. for alleging he made him do things and told Ray J to expose everything if he wanted to talk about it. “Since you wanna throw the gay stuff on me – since we’re all here – let’s be honest and tell them how gay we all was together. [Ray J] got mad, because he couldn’t whoop me, and I didn’t really say what we did,” Danny Boy said.

The former Death Row singer went on to say if he had said all the stuff he knows people are doing, no one would be calling him names. “Like if I say all the stuff I know [people] be doing… you wouldn’t be calling him names.” Danny went on to say Ray J stopped talking to him. “I guess because I talk too much, but he is the one who talks too much,” the singer says.

After discussing the intense encounter, Danny Boyd decided to put a disclaimer out stating, “I am not calling Ray J because I might want a scooter bike.” This isn’t the first time Danny Boy Revealed this information. Last year, the singer sat down with The Art of Dialogue and discussed Ray J spreading rumors, and how Ray J seen Faith Evan’s sitting on Tupac’s lap.

Ray J has yet to repsond to the allegations. Ray J is currently married with two children.

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