Da Brat Is The Latest Celebrity Calling Bow Wow Out, A Look At His Beefs In 2022

Once upon a time, the biggest beef Bow Wow had was with Lil Romeo on the 106 & Park countdown. While Romeo is busy beefing with his own father these days, Bow Wow seems to have smoke for just about everyone else. Shad Moss just wrapped up his latest leg of the Millenium Tour and is gearing up for whatever is next, but he had time this week to check his former mentors, Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat. Who else has Bow Wow had issues with this year?

While Bow Wow‘s tour ended up being super successful, it got off to a rough start with fans who complained about meeting and greet prices. Many people did not agree with the $1k Diamond VIP Package he offered fans to come kick it with him backstage. Others thought it was a scam due to Ticketmaster’s showing a different price. Shad explained that he was offering several different tour packages, and the 1K one gave fans the most exclusive experience. Some fans went online and clowned him, saying they wouldn’t even meet him for free. “He needs to be real with himself and knock that down to 150..” said one.

As Bow Wow was gearing up for his tour, former child star Orlando Brown resurfaced with some troubling allegations. Brown stated that he and Bow Wow had been intimate in the past and that Bow Wow was “great in bed.” Bow Wow fired back, demanding people not disrespect him and asked, “since when do legends GOT TO speak on f******? I am a 35-year-old father. I don’t play them type games.” Brown went on to make similar claims against Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy before people dismissed it as a mental health episode.

Bow Wow claimed that he had planned on taking his talents to the world of professional wrestling following his tour and shot his shot at Champion Jade Cargill in a Twitter exchange that went viral. What followed was a pretty nasty exchange between Jade and Bow where she questioned his net worth and he called her out for marrying a rich athlete and using him for money. Jada did not need that 1k VIP Package to see Bow Wow backstage; instead, she was recorded rushing past security to try and hit Moss during one of his tour stops before being carried off.

Jermaine Dupri discovered and developed Lil Bow Wow, but did you know he also created 106 & Park for him as well? Dupri says he reached out to the heads at BET and told them he needed a series like TRL to help launch black acts like Bow Wow. Bow Wow would dominate the program with so many number 1 videos that he was eventually asked to host the show. Bow Wow says this is all cap and claims Dupri is lying. Da Brat decided to jump in and demand Bow Wow apologize for disrespecting his mentor. Da Brat called Bow Wow disrespectful and demanded he “pull up,” claiming he’s been discrediting Jermaine for years.

Bow Wow went on Twitter and vented, saying that while he and Jermaine did some amazing things, “that chapter is closed.” “I just wish he just do his own thang w out having to bring me up,” he concluded.

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