Da Brat Clueless About Pregnancy, Thinks She Needs To Drink Milk In Order To Enough Milk to Breastfeed Baby

Tomboy rapper Da Brat is pregnant and filled with strange and hilarious questions. The newlywed and her wife, Jesseca Dupart, have been taking us on their journey to motherhood together, and Da Brat is completely clueless about pregnancy and all the things going on with her body.

Da Brat and Jesseca’s journey to making a baby together has not been easy. While Jesseca, aka Judy, initially tried to carry their child, she would eventually lose the baby. The process of getting her pregnant again was too difficult and nearly put her life on the line. Since Dupart has already experienced they joy of motherhood, Da Brat decided she would take on the task and has been on a beautiful ride.

The pair announced they were expecting with a cover shoot on PEOPLE Magazine. They also went to the Sherri show, where they surprised their friend with the announcement and a shirt letting her know she was going to become an auntie. During her sitdown with Sherri, Da Brat made it clear that while she is carrying the baby, Jesseca is the expert between them on what is going on. Brat joked that she did not understand trimesters or anything going on with her body.

During a recent IG Live, Da Brat confessed that she was unsure if she needed to be drinking milk in order to produce milk for her unborn child. “I haven’t been drinking a lot of milk; I been drinking water and stuff.” She admits that while her chest has been hurting, she is not clear on how the process works. While Judy tries to convince her that milk production happens naturally. Da Brat still sounds confused. “Where the milk come from? Why you laughing?”

Da Brat did not know she was being recorded, and as she sat down in bed, she sounded audibly exhausted and confused. She then tells her wife, “cut that off,” when she notices. Fans in the comments found the exchange adorable, saying, ” Da Brat is so cute and innocent when it comes to her pregnancy she like a litte kid learning.”

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