Cynthia Bailey Details How She Plans To Keep Her Husband, Mike Hill

When it comes to protecting their marriage, for some women, there is no shortage of the things they would do. Celebrity women are especially vocal about what they would do to make sure they do not bring any temptation near their husbands. Cynthia Bailey is the latest to join the fray of women who have decided the best way to keep their husbands faithful is to not bring anyone around him at all.

Cynthia Bailey was the latest guest on the Wendy Williams show, which was co-hosted by Finesse Mitchelle and Kym Whitley this week. While there, Bailey opened up about her stint on Celebrity Big Brother and some of the things she went through while in the house.

On a separate note, Whitley questioned her about recent comments she made regarding her marriage. Cynthia Bailey is currently married to sportscaster Mike Hill. The newlyweds married during the pandemic but have been together for several years before that. They met on an episode of Steve Harvey’s talk show when he brought on suitors for a then newly divorced Bailey. The pair hit it off and have been a match made in heaven ever since. They’ve based a large part of their relationship on transparency and their desire to keep it real for others. This meant Hill kept it real when the pair had a bad anniversary and admitted that sometimes he has doubts if they’d make it to their second year of marriage.

For Bailey, this translated into her being honest about not wanting to bring attractive women into her home. She expressed that she wants no one attractive working for her, not even her cleaning lady. According to Bailey, there are already beautiful women on Instagram who tempt her man and slide into his DMs. She confesses that married women have it hard enough and does not want anyone “finer” than her coming anywhere near her husband or household. “I plan on keeping this man.. this is the second time around,” she said about Mike.

One person in the comments said, “I hate when women act desperate like I got me a man and ain’t nobody gonna take him from me!! If he wants to cheat, he will, no matter how your maid looks.” Another said, “Cynthia, you are married to a man who travels for a living just like you. You’re not in the same household all the time.”

Her sentiments echo back to a statement Kierra Sheard made several weeks ago. Sheard, like Bailey, is a newly married woman. While promoting a film, she opened up in an interview about advice she received from her mother about never bringing friends into their home. Kierra believes you can never be too careful who you bring around, and letting a woman stay in the home you share with your husband is asking for trouble. Sheard got some strong opinions from fans who accused her of being insecure and projecting her insecurities on her friends. Many said if she could not trust her husband, she maybe should not have married him. Do you agree with Cynthia and Kierra? Do you believe beautiful women or friends cannot be trusted around husbands?

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