Cory Hardrict and Tia Mowry’s Divorce Process Continues, But Cory Doesn’t Want To Give Up

Tia Mowry and her soon-to-be ex-husband Cory Hardrict are gearing up for the holidays today, as she recently confirmed, but that does not mean the split is being handled amicably. Recent reports show there might be some issues in their settlement and how the duo wants to handle separating their assets. 

Since separating, Tia has done the bulk of the talking, with Cory being mostly silent. The former Sister, Sister star has been using her newfound singledom to celebrate herself and admits to getting lost in family life during her almost 20-year union to Cory. In the end, Mowry sees the split as a “graduation” for herself. Meanwhile, Cory has poured most of his energy into the latest season of All American: Homecoming and promoting other existing projects like his involvement in the film To Live & Die and Live. 

While Tia recently told TMZ that they would be spending the holidays together and “family is forever,” Cory is standing up for himself in court and alleging that the couple did not simply have “irreconcilable difference,” as she listed on her divorce filings. This has led fans to believe that Cory has been unfaithful to his estranged wife, which he’s shut down in his IG comments. 

Cory does agree to joint legal and physical custody of their two kids, Cree and Cairo. However, there is a debate over the topic of spousal support. Tia’s filing state that the duo signed a prenuptial agreement coming into the marriage and that neither of them should get any type of spousal support. Reports state that Cory “asked the court to terminate his ex-wife’s right to spousal support and left unchecked the boxes on the paperwork indicating whether he wanted to seek spousal support from his ex.”

Cory also requested that the court honor “the validity of the prenuptial agreement dated April 14, 2008, and/or that any provisions are unconscionable.” This might allude to some changes made over the course of their marriage that Cory wants left out of their divorce settlement.  It is clear the television star was not 100% on board with the split following Tia’s announcement and has made several posts and comments alluding to him feeling her decision was “rushed” and “emotional.”

He’s also been getting a lot of blowback from fans who accused him of cheating and unearthed old interviews of him coming across rude and dismissive to his overzealous wife. This same energy was felt in a lot of their social media posts.  Tia has maintained that their marriage was a “success” and told Hoda and Jenna that a long marriage does not equal a good one, and that it is about if two people are still thriving and growing.

Despite Tia attempting to paint the perfect friendship picture between her and Cory Hardrict. Cory feels like he’s been trying but is being forced to move on, according to his latest Instagram post. The All American actor shared a cryptic post on Instagram account stating, “The worst feeling is when you don’t want to give up on someone but you know you have to.” While he never identified his wife, Tia Mowry by name, it’s obvious the message is related to his marriage.

The post was picked up and shared by many blog accounts. Fans in the comments sent Cory their condolescenes while others believes it’s time for the actor to move on. “Man just give it up,” one fan wrote. Tia Mowry on the other hand has been living it up. During the week, the actress gave fans a behind the scenes of her night out getting wasted with her brother, Tahj Mowry.

While many fans are holding onto hope, it’s becoming clearer the marriage between Cory and Tia Mowry may just be over.

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