Cori Broadus Is The Daughter Of Snoop Dogg, But Just Because Her Father Is Rich Doesn’t Mean She Has It All

Celebrities get treated like super humans. People see their fame and fortune and assume they are above all the issues that plague “normal people.” This unrealistic expectation is passed on to their children, who are often looked down on by society because they feel like they have not earned their fortune or will never have the same level of talent as their parents. Snoop Dogg is one of Hollywood’s best rags to riches stories. He’s been a staple in the media for over 3 decades, and all his kids have embraced careers in the spotlight, from rapping to modeling. Daughter Cori Broadus has made some headlines and wants to remind people that despite having a superstar dad, she is still a regular person. More importantly, she is a survivor. 

Cori Broadus was born June 22nd, 1999, to father Snoop Dogg and mother, Shante Broadus. She is a singer and social media influencer who also goes by the stage name Choc, referring to her beautiful brown skin. She has grown up in the spotlight and has appeared in several music videos and television projects with her father. She is their youngest child and has two older brothers.  At just six years old, health issues took hold of Cori’s life as she was diagnosed with Lupus. It was a long and trying road for the Broadus family, especially her parents, who at the time were in the middle of separating. The need to stay together and care for their daughter forced Snoop and Shante to work through their differences. They were able to get Cori cured and decided to stay together for the kids. 

Life in the spotlight can be hard, and people can be cruel. The young starlet often got teased for her skin tone and appearance. Something not aided by her father and his career, which often highlighted women that did not look like his daughter or wife.  Cori has opened up about the times she used to cry to her mother and asked why she looked the way she did. “People just always talk about me, ‘You’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re dark, you’re this, you’re that.’ And I used to cry,” she said last year. Her battle with Lupus affected her weight and appearance, and the birth of social media thrust her into the public eye in a new way. Cori admits that at the age of 13, she contemplated ending it all

According to Cori, at 13-year-old she was ready for everything to end. She would cry to her mom asking questions like “‘I’m so ugly, why did you have me? Why do I look like this? Why don’t I look like my brothers?’ It was just so many why why why’s,” she recalls. Cori says that being rich made it even harder because she understood in those moments how little money can help if you are just truly unhappy and unstable. She was also jealous of her brothers who were gifted more conventional good looks, with one even becoming a runway model. In 2021, Cori began battling those same thoughts gain. She took to social media to thank the people in her life that gave her the will to keep going in that dark time.

Because Her Father Is Snoop Dogg Doesn’t Mean She Has It All

Cori has been very public about her struggles in hopes of educating and helping others. She admits that she gets caught up in the limelight too, but needs to humble herself sometimes just to live a healthier life. Cori is currently driving a Toyota Corolla that her father purchased for her. She says she is content and trying to embrace the simpler things in life right now in order to achieve some happiness. “You just learn to appreciate stuff because, at the end of the day, this stuff don’t matter,” she says.

Cori has been keeping a low profile as of late. She frequently posts pictures with her boyfriend, and her last few pictures seem to allude to her taking an extended vacation for her mental health with her whole family. Cori is also working on music and appears to be eager to tell her story that way. “This is the peace that you cannot buy,” she said in one post of her poolside. 

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