Comedian Tiffany Haddish Now Open To An ‘Open Relationship’ Claims She Would Even Date A Fan

Tiffany Haddish is a single woman these days after a very public relationship with Common ended. However, the comedian has never been shy about her desire to be in love and has talked about it in several interviews. Let’s take a look at the time she opened up about dating fans and having multiple partners. 

Before her career took off, Haddish was briefly married to American Law Enforcement agent William Stewart. They were only married for a year but dated on and off between 2008 and 2013. According to her book The Last Black Unicorn, Haddish reveals that after their second split Stewart began changing and exhibiting stalker-like tendencies. Stewart reportedly tried to sue Haddish and the book company over these claims. 

While Haddish has remained pretty low profile since then, she did discuss having a fling with Chingy that the rapper claims to not remember. According to him, he was a heavy drinker when they linked up he was black-out drunk. Chingy says he only remembers now because his brother reminded him. Haddish called him out for being forgetful and said she did not enjoy the experience because he was “sleepy.” She even remembered the hotel and what she had on. 

While a fling is hardly a relationship, Haddish did date Common and seemed super happy for a while. The comedian and rapper met during Covid thanks to, who hired them to do a dating commercial promo together. The date went so well they began hanging out and becoming a couple. According to Common, when things started to open up again, the couple realized that maybe they would not have as much time for each other as they’d hoped. He recalls them not really “feeding” the relationship. Haddish was very disappointed in this statement and said in a separate interview that that was not the reason she and Common split. She felt that Common was not the type of man who could settle with one woman and thought he would be better suited to go from person to person, comparing him to a bee flying to different flowers. 

It’s unclear why this was an issue for Haddish because, in a 2019 lie detector interview, she opened up about her interest in unique relationship dynamics. When asked if she would entertain an open relationship, Haddish answered, “hell yeah.” When asked about monogamy, she believed that it was not for everyone and felt that some people could do it while others could not. It is interested to see that she took issue with Common being able to entertain multiple women, but it is possible that maybe he was struggling with keeping the attention evenly disbursed. It is also possible that Haddish has changed her mind after getting a glimpse of an open dynamic up close, or maybe her situation with Common was completely different than that of an “open” couple. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Haddish opens up about dating fans. She jokes that she probably has, assuming that anyone who knows her is probably a fan of hers. She also talks about being uncomfortable paying for the first date. While she does not mind, she prefers the man pays and anytime that she’s had to cover a bill she felt turned off immediately after.

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