Comedian Mo’Nique Requests To Meet With DL Hughley & His Family For Some Healing, But DL Hughley Is Not Interested

DL Hughley’s Daughter Offered To Meet Mo’Nique In Person 

Mo’Nique has been making her beef with DL Hughley personal. Their contract dispute has turned out to be a guise for Mo’Nique’s real issues with Hughley, which seem to stem from a botched interview question over a decade ago.  She weaponized his daughter’s chilhood by posting videos of DL admitting that he did not believe his youngest when she told him she had been taken advantage of by a friend at the age of 13. Mo’Nique also brought up Hughley’s wife, accusing her of enabling him with her silence. DL’s father was also pulled into the mix after Mo’Nique questioned DL’s mental capacity to deal with this situation due to him having a service dog to help with the grief of losing his dad. 

In a separate video, Mo’Nique posted DL Hughley discussing “nappy-headed” women in connection to comments from Don Imus made about the Rutgers women’s basketball team in 2007. DL agreed with Imus and called the women ugly as well.  Feed up with her family being dragged into this, DL’s daughter Ryan issued a stern warning to Mo’Nique, asking her to keep their family out of her “poisonous mouth.” Ryan believes there were other ways to get at DL besides his family and that if Mo’Nique needed to discuss things in person, she would gladly facilitate. 

Mo’Nique Wants To Meet And Heal The Community

Mo’Nique seems to have misunderstood Ryan’s invitation to talk. Why Ryan meant an in-person discussion that might not involve much talking, Mo’Nique flipped it and tried to phrase it as an opportunity for “healing.”  Mo reposted Ryan’s rant, and in the caption, she thanked her for an “invitation for a discussion.” Mo says that her conditions would be that the talk has to take place on DL;s Hughley’s show and that her husband is present.  After weeks of back and forth, the Queen of Comedy believes the meeting between both families would be great for the culture, but not many people seem to want the meeting to happen.

Fans Are Ready To Move On

Fans in the comments are not interested in any future discussions and have been asking Mo’Nique for days to drop this whole thing. Many do not see how DL Hughley’s family is involved in the drama and think that Mo needs some help. “You were completely out of line, and at some point, this needs to stop,” said one follower under the post with Ryan’s response.

Another pointed out the hypocrisy in Mo’s catchphrase “I love us for real” and said; “You mean you love you for real. This ain’t about us. Geeze, never seen someone so amazingly talented self sabotage themselves to this level.” In various posts Mo’Nique has been called many names including self-absorbed, callous, vindictive, and narcissist. Many fans are also stating they were on her team while she was feuding with Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels, but her feud with DL Hughley’s family seems to be too much.

DL Hughley Will Never Allow Mo’Nique Around His Family Or His Show

In his response, DL Hughley admits that he is fed up, and it has all gone way too far. He took to his radio show to clear his name at the request of his youngest daughter. He let audiences know that the young lady had been crying all weekend and that Mo’Nique was spreading misinformation about her assault, insinuating that it was done by a grown man when the person in question and his daughter were both 13. 

DL Hughley stated that he has no desire to continue contact with Mo’Nique and she will never be invited on his show. The comedian claims Mo’Nique does not exist to his family, and she will never be able to break his family. Guess that means no radio show reconciliation.  Do you think the pair will still eventually meet and hash it out on the radio? 

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