Comedian Mo’Nique Is ‘Ok’ With People Turning Their Backs On Her: ‘I Sat In Something For 13 Years, Unwavering’

Mo’Nique is standing firm in her beliefs despite fans asking her to “give it a rest.” The divisive comic was in the midst of a comeback of sorts when she decided to lay into DL Hughley after a booking oversight regarding who was the headliner of a recent show. She has been using her social media to plead her case and is convinced that she is doing some powerful work in exposing him to “heal” wounds that, according to her, are bigger than them both.

In one video, Mo’Nique appeared in really good spirits, walking backward in the sun as she addressed her “sweet, beautiful babies.” She preached being committed to your beliefs and your stance no matter what people say. “You saw I sat in something for 13 years. Unflinching, unwavering. And then as ya’ll saw, after 13 years how it worked its way out and how a beautiful king fixed the situation.” Mo’Nique says that her heart and intentions are pure regardless of what people may think. “You’ve got to be strong enough to stand in it. For all of you sweet babies out there, when I tell ya’ll, I love us for real. I love this community for real.”

It’s true that Mo’Nique spent 13 years sticking to her claims that she was blacklisted by Lee Daniels, Mo’Nique, and Tyler Perry. Recently these things were cleared up with Mo’Nique emerging a victory. Shortly after, 50 Cent promised her a role on an upcoming show, and it seemed like she was well on her way to a comeback, much to the delight of fans.

Elsewhere in the clip, Mo’Nique argues that her stage persona and her IG persona are not the same and that when she’s on stage, it’s her time to entertain. “When I’m on that stage, I get to have my therapy sessions.” However, the version of her we get on social media is real and raw. She then plugged in an upcoming show on June 18th.

Fans in the comments echoed their concerns for Mo’Nique, feeling that she is not justified in her recent actions and how she’s conducted herself against DL Hughley. Some even argue that she is doing all of this to sell tickets and has instead hurt herself. “I don’t know what’s worse, the narcissistic behavior or the delusion. She takes zero accountability when she’s wrong. Go look at her ticket sales for this show in Raleigh, and you will see her true motivation for this mess.”

Mo’Nique has become a fan of Doechii’s “Crazy” and has featured it in several videos of her working out. The song is definitely a message to fans, as the lyrics read, “Y’all calling me crazy When a b— been ballin’ all day like Brady” and “None of these hating [expletive] gon’ phase me.” Clearly, she’s been reading the captions and knows that some people might think she’s “crazy.”

In another post, she shared a video of an old woman using explicit language to describe people who do not stand up for themselves. The woman was not feeling the conversation and said that she does not believe in being a bigger man and you should always strike back. In the caption, Mo’Nique says, “I STAND ON THE SHOULDERS OF THE WISER SISTERS LIKE HER RIGHT HERE & OUR ANCESTORS BEFORE HER.”

While some fans found it amusing, others think its time for a new joke. “Don’t allow pride and arrogance to dictate how you handle your business,” one told her in the comments.

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