Comedian Luenell Reveals Her Husband Is Sick and Not Getting Better

We send prayers and well wishes to comedian Luenell and her family as she just revealed some devastating news. Unfortunately, healthwise, her husband of nearly 21 years is not doing too well. Historically, Luenell has kept her personal life very private for the most part, outside of tidbits she may place within her comedic bits. But now, she’s opening up about the state of her husband’s health and the toll it’s taking on their marriage.

On June 18, 2001, Luenell got married to who she considers a “REAL one” in just 90 days of knowing one another. Luenell shared that the couple met at a Sacramento restaurant. The Coming 2 America actress claimed on an Instagram post celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary that her husband is not into social media. However, in a rare occurrence, the funny-woman shared many snapshots of her husband, who remains nameless, and herself on their wedding day. 

Luenell and her husband seem to maintain such a level of privacy that only a very select few were privy to their wedding day. According to an Instagram post by Luenell, neither her nor her husband’s family was there. The comedian’s daughter, Da’Nelle, was also not in attendance. She was only five at the time, and neither was her husband’s children. “We ran OFF,” she shared.

Marriage for the couple has been a long and “sometimes ROCKY road,” states Luenell. Yet, the couple has managed and continues to thrive through thick and thin. Luenell calls her husband her “best friend” and “chief advisor to this day.” In another touching post shared on her social media, Luenell gets vulnerable about her loving husband. The comedian openly expressed her gratitude for a man that both can handle and loves her “moody, chubby, crazy, loud, restless, wild Black [self].”  

But Luenell is facing some troubling times as she watches the love of her life suffer from sickness. The comedian revealed the news while on her recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. According to Luenell, having a partner going through health issues to the extent that her husband is, brings the true meaning of the vows they took to life. Luenell speaks that her husband’s issues are to the point that he can no longer accompany her on her travels. “That took a lot out of our relationship because he used to ride with me, and for me,” she said to The Breakfast Club‘s hosts. But throughout the trying times, Luenell says she makes time to see her husband, who is currently staying with his daughter.

This is not the first time Luenell has opened up about her husband’s bouts with health issues. In a 2020 interview with T.I. on his expediTIously podcast, Luenell stated that her husband had just gone through prostate cancer along with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). All of her husband’s problems have shown her that love must remain at the forefront, no matter what. But despite his sickness, Luenell says her husband is a “better man than any man [she] knows walking.”   However, it appears that Luenell wants her “physical” needs to be met during this process. The comedian and actress shared that she would love to consider this action “trolling and recruiting.” Still, she does take her husband’s health seriously.  

Luenell revealed that she does not believe her husband will get better. She said that he currently depends on a heart monitor while having COPD. According to Luenell, her husband is also hooked up to oxygen and is in a “frail” state. But she emphatically shares some positives that his “mind” and “mouth” work just fine.  

As a comedian, Luenell finds ways to laugh through the pain and shared that her husband is in no way about to succumb to his illness. The comedian revealed that the family once believed he would soon pass, but he’s “still here,” she shared while laughing. “He’s strong, ok? He ain’t going nowhere,” said Luenell.

Interestingly enough, when the comedian was asked by Charlamagne Tha God whether or not she had another “boo thing,” she refused to answer. “You think I’m stupid?” she questioned? But, of course, it wouldn’t be off for the radio show host to ask that question, as Luenell has been very flirtatious in recent interviews with both Charlamagne and Nick Cannon.   Luenell’s husband is not the only one to suffer from health problems in their family. The comedian recently revealed that she underwent two major surgeries to replace her knees within the last year.  

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