Comedian Luenell Is Not Worried About Cancel Culture

Cancel culture has been affecting the careers of many prominent figures. The movement has definitely changed how many artists in the entertainment industry operate in their fields. However, some celebrities will not allow the opinions of those that are swift to cancel to change their art. Comedian Luenell is never one to hold back with her views, and she’s not going to allow cancel culture to do it for her.

Luenell was one of the latest to interview on The Breakfast Club. During the interview, the comedian was asked about her views on cancel culture and how they’ve targeted many comedians who come from an era where they felt more unrestricted in their speech. The Coming 2 America actress confessed to times of nervousness due to cancel culture. She also admits that she would be “lying” if she had not changed her approach in what she says.

However, making sure to not come off as arrogant, Luenell expresses that she cannot be affected by cancel culture. “I don’t want to sound cocky,” she begins, “But I really sort of can’t be canceled because too many people love me.” Furthermore, Luenell stated that she would have to go as far as to do a heinous offense to a minor for her to be canceled.  

Luenell speaks on her extensive and loyal fanbase, who would defend and “ride for” her against cancel culture’s potential attacks. The comedian and actress shared that she is no stranger to being dragged on social media, but she does her best not to let it affect her. “First of all, you can’t be cyberbullied if you don’t read the s**t,” said the I Got The Hook Up 2 actress.

Luenell then touches on how quickly social media users move on to the next “scandal,” saying that they usually last for a span of “48-hours.” The comedian then dove into her thought process, dealing with her fanbase along with cancel culture. While she considers what she will say, Luenell says that eventually, she will proceed with what was initially going to be said anyway.  

“The people who come to see me, they came to see me,” declares Luenell. “They want to know my perspective.” The comedian acknowledges the new additions to her fan base but states that they “fail in comparison” to her day-one fans.

In a separate interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Luenell shared that cancel culture stifles the potential of an artist’s greatness. She speaks on the difference between aspiring to be a comedian and being a “great comedian.” Luenell expressed that she “strives to be a great comedian,” and for one to do that, you must not care about cancel culture. 

“Cancel culture are new people. Our fans have been our fans for 25 and 30 years,” she said. For context, Luenell believes that those participating in cancel culture are all newer people who aren’t familiar with their history. “You can’t allow them to come in and ruin your whole legacy by one [MF] statement,” said Luenell. To effectively defeat cancel culture, the comedian states that your “ride or die” fans have to outweigh the newer people. Additionally, she advises that if an aspiring comedian is worried about cancel culture, they should “get a day job.”

More comedians have come under attack for their respective acts in recent years than before. Perhaps the most significant case would be Dave Chappelle, who has faced backlash his last few Netflix specials by the LGBT+ community who found his material offensive. The backlash has been loud, from think pieces to being trashed in the media to protests in front of the Netflix offices.  

But Chappelle’s response shows just how much cancel culture has not affected his career. The comedian held a sold-out concert at the Hollywood Bowl shortly after releasing his latest Netflix special. He received a rousing standing ovation. Chappelle expressed joy and took a hit at cancel culture, stating that he “loves” the seeming effects of being canceled.  

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart had also felt the sting of cancel culture when he lost the hosting gig to the Academy Awards in 2019. However, in a past interview with The Sunday Times, the True Story actor shared that he is tired of cancel culture and “personally doesn’t give a .” 

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