Comedian Lil Rel Has Three Children, But Was Forced To Take Paternity Test After Posting His Youngest Son On Social Media

Comedian Lil Rel, of Get Out fame, has three children. Two are from his previous marriage to Verina Robinson, a son named Judah and a daughter named Brittni. After their split in 2017, he fathered a third child named Harlem with LeChez Davis.

Lil Rel’s Relationship With His Oldest Children’s Mother, Verina Robinson

Lil Rel was a breakout star of Get Out, so it made sense that following the films success, he would score a television program. The show, Rel, was loosely based on his life. He played a divorced Chicago man, rediscovering himself after splitting with the mother of his children. 

In real life, Verina Robinson had divorced Rel after six years of marriage and two children. Robinson is a beauty and make-up maven, with several links and tips on her IG for skin care, scents and a podcast titled “Busy & Beautiful.”  Rel explains that he was not a victim and that he understood he was part of the problem why their marriage did not work. He attributes it to getting married before he was 30 and explains that a lot of doors remained open that he should have closed before tying the knot. 

In a post with Verina, Brittni, and Judah, Rel discussed the struggles of co-parenting and thanked Verina for the work she does to help it make sense for them all. “Co-Parenting, especially after a divorce, can be really, really hard. So many emotions, so much back and forth, and just not listening to each other. But the the true key is truly for real like in real life making it about the Children,” he said in the post from March. It featured pictures of the family smiling together. “It’s always about them, not about us, but if you can become friends again, then do it with love, respect, and support!!!!”

Lil Rel’s Relationship with LeChez Davis

Following his split from Verina, Lil Rel had a third child with a woman named LeChez Davis. The pair had been dating, and Lil Rel was aware that Davis was married but separated from her husband. Unfortunately, for Lil Rel there was more to the story than Verina was willing to disclose. The couple welcomed their son Harlem in 2017. The proud dad has shown his boy off on social media a lot over the years. 

The Paternity Scandal That Rocked Lil Rel’s World 

Unfortunately, social media would deal Lil Rel some devastating news. Through posts of his son, someone got in touch with Rel to let him know that LeChez Davis was still very much married and had been telling her husband that he too was the father. Davis had been taking advantage of Rel and was taking money from him while still living with and raising Harlem with her husband. Rel reportedly spent thousands flying them back and forth from Chicago to Los Angeles for visits in addition to money for housing, food, and more. 

LeChez even put her husband’s last name on the boy’s birth certificate. A paternity test proved that Rel Howery was indeed Harlem’s dad, and the comedian has been in court fighting for sole custody from LeChez with no desire to co-parent. 

While the fight for custody continues, Rel Howery remains present in his kids’ lives. He most recently wished Harlem a happy 5th birthday with a fun video montage of the boy and his siblings on Instagram. “It’s the youngest of my three kid crew Birthday my little man is five today.” He continues saying, “Such a sweet, cool, athletic, smart and special kid. Happy Birthday, Harlem!!!!” 

Lil Rel’s Current Relationship With Dannella Lane

While things did not work out with Verina or LaChez, Lil Rel has a new lady in his life and seems to be very happy and in love. He is seen in several posts with a woman named Dannella Lane. Her profile states that she is a speaker, teacher, and mother. Lane has her own tribe of 4 children, which she recently celebrated in a post, saying, “Thank you God for blessing me with 4 of the greatest joys in this lifetime. Girls thank you for journeying this life with me and trusting the process!” 

Rel showed off her family as well in a post celebrating his lady and her kids. “I honestly feel like the luckiest man in the world right now and I want to celebrate this amazing mother, manager, prayer partner, manifestations master, style trendsetter, and my girlfriend @dannellalane” It is unclear if the pair have blended their family just yet, but they seem very happy and in love. 

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