Comedian Aries Spears Believes R. Kelly Is Guilty and Deserves To Be Behind Bars

Justice is finally being coldly dished out to R. Kelly for his years of crime. As news reports render details of the latest guilty verdict the disgraced singer received in the Chicago trial, many are offering their take. One such person currently going through his own legal battles is Aries Spears. Another part of his recent VLAD TV interview dropped where he’s seen condemning Kelly for his misconduct against children.

Chicago-born comedian Aries Spears withheld nothing regarding his opinions on the “Ignition” singer’s actions and ongoing case. According to Spears, the evidence against R. Kelly is insurmountable, making the judgment inevitable. “You seen this dude on camera,” said the comedian. He also highlighted the age group which the disgraced singer was reported to have committed crimes against. Then, Aries Spears spoke on the general public’s notion that prominent figures are “immune” to “sick” behaviors. He points out that although someone might be a celebrity, they are also human. However, the only thing that separates stars is the “money and means […] to cover it up, whereas regular people don’t.”

Regarding R. Kelly, Aries Spears states that “he’s where he should be” if all he’s been accused of is true. He then spoke on those fans who have a knack for “protecting” the accused because of their art’s impact on their life. Spears questions whether said fans think of the women, both young and old, in their own families or that are close to them.   “We can all ‘Step In The Name Of Love,’ but, [expletive],” said Aries Spears.  

However, Aries Spears speaks on being able to separate the criminal from the artist. He recalled a former post from R. Kelly singing an acapella version of his 1994 hit single, “Bump n’ Grind.” Although his actions are inexcusable, Spears mentions his talent is “impressive.” In the past, Aries Spears participated in a sketch where he impersonated R. Kelly on MAD tv. In a mock-music video to the single “The World’s Greatest,” the comedian played on his alleged crimes at the time, which can be seen here.

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