Cocktails With Queens Defend Blue Ivy Following Saucy Santana’s Insult, But It’s LisaRaye’s Comment That Has Fans Upset

Saucy Santana Refuse To Apologize To Fans Despite Backlash

Saucy Santana is onto his first mainstream hit record with “Booty.” Already sitting at 1 million streams less than a week after its release, the Latto-assisted record has all the makings of a breakthrough hit. Featured in the song is a sample from Chi-Lites’ “Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So).” If the horns sound familiar, it’s because they were also sampled in Beyonce’s debut single, “Crazy In Love.” 

Saucy got some negative feedback from fans following the song’s release after it was revealed that he’d made some disrespectful comments towards Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy early on in his career. While he admitted that he was “sad and broke” when he made those tweets, Saucy argues that he has obviously grown since then and does not need to apologize. Others feel he owes the Carters a ‘sorry.’ 

Cocktails With Queens Call Out Saucy Santana

The ladies from Cocktails with Queens weighed in on the drama. LisaRaye said that that kind of comment would immediately make her question Saucy and who he was. She goes on to say that Beyonce and Jay-Z could probably care less about his opinion. Claudia Jordan said Blue Ivy is doing better than 99% of the country. “Saucy, you ain’t Miss America yourself!” she points out, clearly making a reference to his appearance. Overall, the women felt that this kind of energy should never have made its way online. 

LisaRaye Claims Saucy Santana Could Never Call Her Granddaughter’s Hair Nappy Because It Isn’t

LisaRaye let off a less than classy dig at Blue Ivy while discussing Saucy’s remarks. When asked by Vivica A. Fox how she would feel if Saucy said something like that about her granddaughter Bella, LisaRaye initially tried to hold her tongue. “Y’all don’t wanna know what I think,” she announced as the ladies prepped for her response. 

LisaRaye then retorts, “He couldn’t say that about baby Bella because she does not have nappy hair…” before freezing and looking into the camera as if she already knew that the BeyHive would be coming for her. Vivica immediately responded, “does it matter? It’s a child?” while Sylenna Johnson sat stonefaced and Claudia Jordan awkwardly looked off to the side. Suddenly LisaRaye was no better than Saucy at that moment.  “Yeah, Lisa u could have left that response in your head,” said one fan. “Lisa Raye!‼️That comment is a part of the problem. Smh Glad Vivica spoke up the comment was silly 🙄.” LisaRaye’s daughter Kai Morae gave birth to baby Bella in 2021 with R&B singer Gourdan Banks. 

Blue Ivy stepped out, Debuting a New Do.

The Caters have continued to do what they do best in light of all this talk. While her mother Beyonce broke the internet late last night with the announcement of her new album, Blue Ivy stepped out with her father to debut her tween era. The 12-year-old stepped out with her dad to a basketball game sporting a curly look similar to her mom’s hair back in the day. She rocked lip gloss, hoop earrings, and a leather jacket while seated courtside with her dad. The beautiful young lady shut down all discussions about her hair and appearance while seeming unfazed by all the people starstruck by her father. People rushed online to comment about how old they feel and how beautiful she looks and how much she looks like her mother.

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