Claudia Jordan Revives Career After Years Of Struggles

Claudia Jordan is opening up about her redemption story. The television personality has seen her share of trials and tribulations, albeit with a pretty decent career. Of course, all that glitters is not gold, and Jordan knows a thing or two about this. But she’s been able to revive her career amid what seemed to be increasing struggles.  

Before becoming a main cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Claudia Jordan was making a big name for herself. Jordan was a video vixen, appearing in multiple music videos for artists from Fabolous to the Backstreet Boys. She also participated in numerous pageants, including Miss USA 1997. In addition, as a model, Jordan did extensive work appearing in various commercials as well as being a regular on The Price Is Right. 

Claudia Jordan held a conversation with Jason Lee recently. She revealed that things were not as they may have appeared to fans. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared that not only did she lose her house in foreclosure, Jordan “lost $1 million in properties.” She explained that the reason was due to the cancellation of Deal or No Deal, for which she was a briefcase model for four seasons.

Unbeknownst to fans, Jordan heavily suffered from mental struggles because of the dark times she faced. “I felt I had put all my worth of me as a person into career, and that’s a big mistake in Hollywood,” Claudia Jordan admits. “They will love you one minute and hate your guts the next.”

The television host began to appear emotional as she recalled more of the struggles she experienced. Then, one day, Jordan was on her laptop when she said her electricity was cut off. She soon would await the impending foreclosure notice. According to a 2011 report by Rhymes With Snitch, Jordan allegedly had properties in California that were foreclosed upon.  

But Claudia Jordan expressed that she can tell the story now because she “came back from that” and is in a “way better position.” She also goes on to encourage all others that may be experiencing similar thoughts, emotions, or feelings to keep pushing. “Give it another day, another week, another month, another year,” she said. “You never know what’s on the other side.”

Further providing details about the darker points in her life, Claudia Jordan expressed that her depression brought on physical pain. For example, Jordan would feel moments of constant pressure on her chest to bouts of “face dysmorphia,” feeling that her looks were “hideous.” The radio personality also recalled feeling “so discarded by Hollywood” and having a bad reputation in the entertainment industry that she felt she didn’t earn. Claudia Jordan claims that they are “lies that people repeat to this day.” Whenever someone calls her out of her name, Jordan states she feels “triggered.” 

All of the turmoil that she experienced led Claudia Jordan to a breaking point. Jordan recalled dropping to her knees and begging God to take her pain away. In the meantime, she still had to make appearances in public through her ordeal. “I still had to pretend I was a celebrity,” she said. “I still had to go on red carpets. I still had to act like I had it all together.

Meanwhile, she says that her finances did not reflect what her public life looked like. “I was in financial ruin,” Claudia Jordan confessed.   Some people can’t fathom the thought of having everything and losing it all. In Claudia Jordan’s case, she cleared six figures in her bank accounts and lost a million in property in both Los Angeles and Arizona. Yet, with $80 in her bank account, Jordan states that she “still had to play the game” and pretend to be a celebrity because of the cruelty the public would place on her.  

According to Claudia Jordan, the public doesn’t allow celebrities to have an “off-year” or “off-season.” She even recalled being on numerous red carpets and feeling fraudulent while smiling in the faces of the media. Expressing one of the “hardest things” to say when asked what a celebrity is working on when, in fact, they may not be active at the moment, Jordan said she would often state she was “not at liberty to say.”   

Thankfully things have turned around for her. “A bunch of things happened with me to get me through,” said Claudia Jordan. And no lies are being told, as she’s now booked and busy. Aside from her stint on RHOA, she has been doing extensive work on television. Claudia Jordan appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice for two seasons and one as a guest. Most recently, she’s been doing extensive work with Fox Soul as a host of Cocktails with Queens and Out Loud with Claudia Jordan. Before being let go, she was also a co-host on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

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