City Girls’ Yung Miami 10-Year-Old Son Filmed Throwing Money At Adult Dancers

Yung Miami is getting some flack from fans this week after videos of her son surfaced. In the clip, the boy appears to be throwing money at strippers. While many fans jumped in her comments section to push the mom to apologize, Yung Miami did no such thing and told her side of the story.

Yung Miami has two young children. Her daughter Summer Miami Luellen and son Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. In a recent clip, Jai can be seen throwing money up in the air and “making it rain” at what appears to be a club. Some even went as far as to speculate that the boy was tipping strippers. “You gon address this or..?” asked one fan.

Yung Miami responded by saying, “My son at Rolling Loud having a ball backstage. Let’s address it?!” Miami then went on a rant, explaining to fans that interactions like these are why she never posts about her kids. “That’s why I don’t post my kids y’all b*tches can talk a sore in yall mouth about me but I’ll never give y’all the chance to have an opinion about my kids! Idgaf.”

She also corrected another fan who called the video inappropriate due to Jai being 6 years old and out past his bedtime. “He’s 10” she clapped back on Twitter.

Her City Girl sister JT backed Yung Miami up sharing a heartfelt video of herself and Jai watching boyfriend Lil Uzi Vert perform. JT explained that she takes Jai to Rolling Loud every year and it is an opportunity for them to bond and spend time together. “I love the smile on his face, I’m a cool aunt,” she said in her caption.

In response, Yung Miami thanked her friend for the support and shared the touching video revealing that it made her emotional. “Brings tears to my eyes and reminds me every day that this is bigger than us,” she said in her retweet. She went on to reveal that Jai called it “the best day of his life” watching Uzi with his auntie.

People in the comments did not agree with Jai being at the show and had their own opinions. “So she doesn’t want her daughter to be a City Girl, but her son can do…nvm. Not my circus…” said one. “No other race is doing sh*t like this with their kids… every week it’s a black celebrity doing weird activities with their children.. and publicly,” said another person.

Other people took things further and revealed that this behavior is probably why her boyfriend Diddy got another woman pregnant over her. “This why diddy didn’t make her one of his baby mamas. Y’all notice how his IT girls and baby Mamas are different,” they observed.

Jai’s father is Jai Wiggins Sr. He and Yung Miami dated back in 2013 but separated two years after Jai was born. Miami has revealed that Jai Sr. was violent towards her. He would eventually lose his life in 2020 after being shot. The loss of Wiggins is what allowed Miami and Diddy to grow close since he too had just lost his co-parent and partner Kim Porter around the same time.

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