Christina Milian’s History Of Cheating Exes Before Finding Love Of Her Life

You’ve got to kiss a few frogs in order to get to your prince. Christina Milian might know a thing or two about that. The entertainer has dated an impressive roster of men, but they did not match up to her standards. That is until she met her now-husband, Matt Pokora. But her dating history has been unfortunately filled with cheating.  In the past, Christina Milian has been linked with celebrities like Ja Rule, Wilmer Valderama, Jay-Z, and Paul Walker. But in 2003, the actress and singer began to date who she considered to be her “first love.”  

The “Dip It Low” singer was cast to star in the 2003 teen romantic comedy film Love Don’t Cost A Thing.  Also starring in the movie as her love interest was Nick Cannon. After meeting and catching a vibe on set, the two began to catch feelings for one another. Christina Milian and Nick Cannon looked like the picture-perfect cute couple for two years. But fans of the couple were devastated to find out that their relationship was over. But it would be almost 15 years after their breakup where Milian would divulge the information surrounding their breakup.  

While talking to E! News’ Justin Sylvester on their series “Just The Sip,” Christina Milian shared that there was a point in time where, by chance, she happened to guess her boyfriend’s password at the time within the first try. She had about a month’s worth of material to read from then on, where she discovered Nick Cannon had been cheating on her. According to Milian, she was “stuck in Romania” at the time.  Throughout her journey in discovery, the actress revealed that Cannon had been cheating on her in her own house.  Nick Cannon expressed that he felt he didn’t do anything wrong in their situation at the time. “I wasn’t cheating. You got to be in a relationship to cheat,” he said. Furthermore, Cannon explained that he perhaps wanted to get caught if he “allowed” himself to get caught by Christina Milian.

In 2009, Christina Milian became a wife for the first time when she married her then-boyfriend, super-producer The Dream. The two began dating following her split with one of her producers, Andre Lyon, from the production team, Cool & Dre. But after eloping and having their only daughter together, The Dream filed for divorce from Christina Milian.

According to TMZ, Christina Milian was shocked to discover that her husband filed for a divorce from their marriage. The worst part was that he filed just nine days before she gave birth. However, it was then that the singer revealed that The Dream cheated on her in their marriage and that if there is a divorce granted, that should be the reason.

Christina Milian dated and got engaged to James Prince Jr from 2010 to 2014. There’s not much information on the breakup, but Milian did share a post saying, ‘there comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the drama and people who cause it.” Not long after calling off the engagement, Milian began dating rapper Lil’ Wayne while being signed to Young Money Entertainment. Once again, this relationship ended after the ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ actress discovered he was cheating on her after coming across an Instagram post.

There were also rumors that Kanye West and Christina Milian had a bit of an entanglement. At the same time, he was married to Kim Kardashian. According to HipHopDX, a source claims that West bragged about a time when he and Christina Milian got romantically involved while backstage at a stop on his 2016 tour in support of The Life Of Pablo.  After this rumor started circulating, Milian went public to debunk the fake news .

Despite all of the disappointments, things finally changed for the actress and singer when she met and married French singer Matt Pokora. According to Milian, when her and Pokora met it was love at first sight. After exchanging numbers the couple realized they shared a birthday, which she called ‘stars aligning.’ lThe couple began to date in 2017 and got married in December of 2020, and have two boys together.

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