Chrissy Lampkin Reveals She No Longer Lives With Jim Jones, Lives In Miami While He’s In New York

Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones’s constant relationship hurdles have been the focal point of several seasons of Love & Hip-Hop and beyond. The power couple can never seem to get it right, and it seems like recent years have seen Chrissy decide that maybe getting it “right” requires a different approach. What is the latest on the pair, and have they been at odds for longer than we know?

Chrissy and Jim Jones have over two decades of love. Over the course of their love, Jim and Chrissy helped launch the Love & Hip-Hop franchise on the back of a failed pilot on Jones’s life. Almost instantly, people became very focused on the couple and if they would ever get engaged or married. Chrissy and Jones have talked at length about how they initially met, with Jones pursuing her aggressively in Miami after admitting to having a crush on her for years. However, when it came time to figure out their lives together, that weight seemed to fall exclusively on Lampkin.

Chrissy was the one who ended up proposing after feeling like Jim was dragging his feet. The day of the proposal, she struggled to figure out the best approach, admitting in a behind the scene’s video that she had considered doing a burlesque number before opting to just pop the question. Jimmy ended up proposing as well on a trip.

In the years since the couple has spoken at length about their choice to have a long engagement over getting married. Chrissy at one point, seemed to settle into the idea that they were doing what worked best for them, telling the ladies of The Real that marriage is not a logical end point for everyone. Jim echoed this sentiment in recent interviews, admitting that he and Chrissy were doing what they wanted and making their own rules.

Unfortunately, things were not as amicable behind the scenes. During their recent season of Love & Hip-Hop, the pair had a fiery exchange in Miami about Jim’s attitude and lack of reciprocity in their union. When Chrissy admitted that she could not see herself taking him seriously at the level he was operating, a frustrated Jimmy began to push the topic of marriage and asked Chrissy when she where she wanted to tie the knot. This visibly frustrated her as she admitted to feeling gaslit and confused.

Chrissy seemed to see the signs a while ago and opened up during a Love & Hip-Hop astrology reading. “My love life is steady. No new expectations, so there will be no new disappointments.” She calls Jimmy “home” and says that they have been together a long time, so they are comfortable. Chrissy admitted that her relationship was no longer her focus and that she was really focused on themselves.

“It’s not too late to create a new normal,” Dossé-Via told her. Chrissy agreed and revealed that she had already been making a new normal for herself in Miami while Jones was living in New York. “Our relationship does not feel like it’s changed. It’s been almost four years.”

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