Chrisean Rock Reconsidering Pregnancy After Discovers Rapper Blueface Is Cheating

Chrisean Rock continues to confuse people on the status of her pregnancy. Despite posting several pregnancy tests and vlogging from the hospital back in January, fans have noted that no baby bump has been seen in her recent photos. The rapper and reality star is very active on social media and often has her belly showing. In a recent live which showing off her toned tummy, Chrisean discussed getting an abortion due to Blueface cheating on her.

At this point, many fans just believe the couple is dragging this out to promote the upcoming season of their show Crazy In Love. To date, Chrisean has yet to show any signs of carrying a baby despite at least being 2-3 months pregnant. Instead, fans have noted that she has appeared intoxicated in recent interviews, and she shared a video of herself lifting really heavyweights. Despite this, she and Blueface entertained the idea of baby names in a recent interview when it seemed like Chrisean confirmed she was having a girl before looking upset like she was hiding something.

In her latest clip, Chrisean stands in front of the camera in a bra and panties, talking to a friend off-screen. In it, she admits that she is unsure if she wants to keep her baby because Blueface is cheating on her. She speculates that he is “purposely trying to hurt her.” When her friend says that she cannot stop throwing up and is considering going to the hospital, Chrisean volunteers to go with her and get her pregnancy terminated while she is there.

Chrisean has talked about having several pregnancies terminated in the past, at least four by her recollection. While she admitted at the time to feeling confident about her relationship with Blueface and wanting to have a child with him, the couple seems to have not gotten any better.

In addition to frequent physical altercations, people are starting to believe that Chris and Blue are just in it for the money and this pregnancy was just a stunt to keep interviews and appearances going. “She probably was never pregnant to begin with,” commented one fan.

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