Chrisean Rock Latest Tweet Leaves Fans Concerned: “Please Get Help”

Chrisean Rock and Blueface might not have the most positive relationship, but it seems like the pair is progressing slowly and in the direction of marriage and children. At least, that is what we gather from recent interviews and social media posts. However is marriage and children the answer for Chrisean Rock and Blueface?

Chrisean Rock has been seeing her spotlight growing thanks to her and Blueface television series Crazy In Love. The show has helped showcase the couple in a new light, and Chrisean has been taking full advantage and trying to eclipse her man as a star. During a recent interview with B Symone, Chrisean confirmed that she and Blueface have been moving into a healthier space and said that their issue was “fake boundaries” for a long time.

Rock feels like Blueface is “learning” and claims she is ready to have his child in the near future. Chrisean believes a baby could bring them closer and admitted to having several pregnancies terminated due to them simply not being ready. Blueface already has two children from a previous relationship. Rock believes a baby could only bring her positivity and seems to be in a phase of extreme self-belief and manifestation.

Over on Twitter, she talked about her current mindset, saying, “I accomplished a lot cuz I have [a] strong mindset. I don’t set a limit on how far I take things. I know for sure it’s in my favor. But I’m hella transparent on what’s wrong. I tried to give up so many times God won’t even let me.” After that, she admitted to being incredibly happy and thanked God again for blessing her, followed by the tweet, “My wedding will be in October.”

Despite all of the positive posts on her Twitter account, it didn’t take long for the reality star to express her deep disdan for . In her latest post, Rock admits she feels like she doesn’t belong her stating, “I be feeling like god should take my life back fr.” The tweet was immediately deleted. However, Hollywood Unlock was able to capture it beforehand.

In the comments, some fans expressed serious concern for the reality star, also blaming her relationship with Blueface as the reason she feels this way. “Please get help, your life matters, one fan stated. While many feel Chrisean Rock is lost, the reality star claims she just doesn’t give AF.

Let’s keep Chrisean Rock lifted in prayer. Her reality show with Blueface is now playing on Zeus.

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