Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s Rocky Relationship Explored – From Feuds To Pregnancy

Blueface and Chrisean have come to blows many of times.

The pair have taken their toxic love from social media to the television screen. On their series, Crazy In Love, you can see the duo battling for their love or something close to it. Things have spiraled more times than should be allowed but they continue to get television interviews and press. Chrisean has even shared images from the aftermath.

Chrisean and Blueface met during the pandemic in his series Blue Girls Club. Chrisean went viral several times for her antics on the show, ultimately winning Blueface’s heart and the adoration of the public. Chrisean’s wild behavior has helped her eclipse her man’s celebrity and she currently has a million more fans than him across social media.

She has been using the excitement around her to become her own star, selling out shows around the country. In her last post, you can see her performing for a crowd alone before Blueface joined her on stage. “All I gotta do is keep this going everywhere sold out fr y’all ready for tour? Thank you Massachusett,” she said in the comments.

Fans in the comments continue to question if she is pregnant since she has not made many updates, nor does he belly appear to be growing since her announcement last month. Chrisean and Blueface were broken up at the time she made the announcement, and she shared several pregnancy tests and a vlog from the hospital. Later that day, she was spotted fighting Blueface outside of his birthday party after he tried to deny the child was his.

It is not the first time the pair has scuffled. In fact, they are so synonymous with scuffling that Chris Brown had to use them as an example after people tried to cancel him for his brawl with Rihanna over a decade ago. According to Brown, people continue to try and cancel him every couple years despite pushing couples like Chrisean and Blueface to the forefront.

The R&B Singer claimed the same people attempting to cancel him tune in every week to see Chrisean and Blueface do the exact same thing. While many fans agreed, the rapper felt Chris Brown threw him under the bus.

Blueface clapped back in a clip where he was clearly wearing glasses to conceal his eyes. In it, he told Chris Brown he [put his hands] on the “wrong [expletive],” much to Chrisean’s amusement in the background. Blueface suggests Chrisean is no international pop star like Rihanna.

In another video, Chrisean happily shared a picture of Blueface with his face swollen, claiming she “got him good.” Blueface disagrees, saying he “ate” the licks. Both seemed amused by the altercations.

While they can laugh and joke about their issues after they happen, it’s truly sad to hear the way Chrisean cries in the moment of one of their feuds. In a clip that resurfaced, the reality star can be seen on camera yelling at Blueface while her face is clearly swollen. Chrisean Rock appears battered while stating “he don’t love me.” Check out the clip below.

While many fans were concerned, one pointed out, “What are we supposed to do with this information??? She keeps goin back and she’s getting a check from it all so🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️.”

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