Chris Rock Brothers Come To His Defense, Both Are Requesting To Meet Will Smith In The Ring

As people continue to pick sides in the Will Smith/Chris Rock beef following Rock’s Netflix special, two people who has always been loyal to Chris are his brother’s Tony Rock and Kenny Rock. Kenny does not think it’s cool that Will Smith attacked his brother due to the difference in their sizes and thinks he can take the Ali star down.

Tony Rock and Will Smith reportedly had a very good friendship prior to Chris making fun of Jade Pinkett-Smith at the Oscars. The public did not know about this, so when Tony initially tried to speak out in defense of his brother, people told him to “stay out of it.” It was not until Will Smith personally acknowledged Tony in his video apology that the younger Rock felt empowered to come forward with his full opinion on the matter. 

“My thoughts? All the crumbs and losers on social media repeatedly said it had nothing to do with me and I should be quiet or stay out of it,” He said in a Twitter rant. “Others said I (who’s been making lots of money since 1999) was commenting in an attempt to gain notoriety.” Tony called he and Will’s past friendship a “genuine friendship” that was unfortunately broken following the slap. Since the incident the two have not spoken and it doesn’t look like they’ll be speaking anytime soon.

Tony said that he noted Will Smith laughing when Chris Rock initially made his joke on the evening of the Oscar, and that something changed after Jada gave him a “look.” “So that’s not embarrassment. He was laughing. In the time they cut to my brother and cut back, he was already up walking… So maybe it was the Jada look.” Tony says that Will Smith has always hated being labeled “soft” throughout his career and felt pressure to do something tough like his wife’s former flame.

“He’s soft, Jada won’t let 2Pac die, it’s always something about 2Pac and his daughter [Willow Smith] brought up 2Pac,” Tony said in an interview on Top Billin’ with Bill Bellamy podcast.  Chris Rock defended himself during his stand-up special as well, stating that Will Smith had no business targeting him considering their size difference. While Will Smith is 6’2 and frequently plays fighters, cops, and superheroes; Chris Rock is most known for playing comic relief, drug addicts, and sillier men.

Chris Rock is 5’10.  Tony Rock is not the only brother looking to give Will Smith a piece of his mind. Their youngest brother Kenny Rock is prepped to fight for his eldest brother’s legacy and wants to face Will Smith in the ring. Kenny just inked a deal with Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman. “It eats at me watching it over and over again because you’ve seen a loved one being attacked, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Kenny told the NY Post last year.

He claims he and Smith should face off and let their “hands do the talking.” Smith and his family have yet to respond to Chris Rock’s special. 

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