Chad Johnson Reveals The Truth About His Jewelry and How He Saves His Money

Chad Ochocino Johnson recently caught up with Shannon Sharpe for an episode of Club Shay Shay. Titled “Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson: Cheapest Celebrity and Athlete in the World,” the conversation focused on his reputation for being very conscious of his finances and spending. This includes his decision to rock fake jewelry.

Chad recalls spending his first two years in the league living at the stadium. He argues that he had no need to buy a house or condo if all he needed was at the Paul Brown facility. “Showers, cafeteria, tv, couch, gaming system, what’s the point?” Chad said he was so focused on proving himself that he had no need for a dating life. “For what? I’m locked in. I’m a rookie.”

Chad said he needed that initial year to catch the rhythm, and by his second year, he understood. Even now, Chad continues to protect his finances. While he regrets some of the high-end vehicles he purchased in his fourth year, he did not buy any of them outright. “I leased all of them,” Chad said his real value was in building up his name. “Why am I driving a Rolls Royce, and I’m Ocho?”

When Shannon tried to remind him of the jewelry and clothes he owned at his height in the league; Chad revealed that none of it was real, and he had purchased it all from Claires. “What am I doing it for?” Chad said women still hooked up with him anyway. He proved his point by asking Shannon the time, followed by asking him, “now, what that cost me? Nothing. Cause time is free.”

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