Chad Johnson Parking His Luxury Cars & Saving With Tiny SmartCar

Gas prices in America have been skyrocketing in the last few weeks. Some places like Southern California have reportedly reached highs of $7 bucks. Amidst all the madness, some people are actually unfazed by the surging prices. Chad Johnson is getting the last laugh with his smart car that people clowned him for buying back in 2015.

Taking to his IG today, Johnson posted a picture of the tiny black car saying, “Just filled up my Smart Car with $16 that’ll last me two weeks… 🤷🏾‍♂️.” Fans in the comments laughed along with the NFL star saying, “This looks like a baby Jordan shoe 😂😂” and “And to think they was just laughing at ya unc 🤦🏾‍♂️😭.”

This is certainly true, as Johnson was made fun of for pimping out the Smart Car about seven years ago. While the vehicle alone only cost about 18k, Chad dropped about $25k at the Auto Firm in Miami to pimp it out to his liking. It now boasts a matte black paint job, customer tires with his nickname Ochocinco on them, custom satin seats, and more. Even better, he can now avoid the stress everyone else is feeling about this gas crisis, and in style.

In a 2019 video, Ochocinco showed off his impressive car collection on an LA rooftop that included some really cool sports vehicles. In the voiceover, he talks about living outside of the box and sometimes being branded a diva for doing so. However, he does not care and quickly jumps into his smart car and drives off, leaving all the fancier cars behind. Chad is not the only celebrity to flaunt his Smart Car. He can list the likes of Justin Bieber, Shaq, Simon Cowell, and Mel Gibson as fellow owners too.

Invented by the same German company that created Swatches, Smart cars are engineered to be fuel-efficient and better for the environment. Their goal was also a car that was easier to park. They partnered with Mercedes-Benz after a failed partnership with Volkswagon and created a prototype in the ’90s. They continued to toy with the model, and Swatch eventually pulled out, leaving Mercedes-Benz the sole owner. Today the Smart Car is in high demand in light of the crazy gas prices and overpopulated cities.

President Joe Biden has been criticized for encouraging people to return to their offices following the coronavirus pandemic shut down. Many are upset with this ill-timed move as it’s almost impossible for anyone to afford gas. It has gotten so bad that rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are charging a gas surcharge to help drivers.

California is currently in the lead as the most expensive state for gas averaging about $5.50 a gallon due to their high gas tax. California governor Gavin Newsome promises some relief is on the way in the form of some type of unspecified financial assistance. Neighboring states like Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon are not too far behind with a $4 average per gallon. Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma are currently the cheapest at about $3.50 a gallon. It looks like Chad was smarter than us with his 2015 purchase. Will you be buying a smart car too?

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