Chad Johnson Claims He’s A Stay-At-Home Dad & It’s Taking A Toll On Him: It’s Been Very Emotional For Me

Chad Ochocinco Johnson is not new to the fatherhood game. The one-time NFL superstar has an army of children, 8 to be exact, reportedly with seven different women. But now, as he is raising his eighth child, things are a bit different for him. According to Ochocinco, he’s now a stay-at-home dad, which might not be ideal.

Chad Ochocinco Johnson, 44, began dating 34-year-old Sharelle Rosado in 2020. Rosado is currently the star of the Netflix reality series, Selling Tampa. She spoke with Page Six of her now-fiance, calling Ochocinco a “great father, a great person, [and] a great soulmate,” whom she loves.   According to Sharelle Rosado, the couple first got in contact after she shamelessly did a quick reply to one of his Instagram Stories, sending a heart-eyed emoji. From there, as they say, the rest is history.

Chad Ochocinco had a hefty career as a wide receiver for the NFL for 11 seasons. Once one of the top players in the NFL and a six-time NFL Pro Bowler, his career would take an unfortunate turn after an arrest involving a dispute with his former wife, Evelyn Lozado.   But he has since turned his life around, and Rosado claims to be unbothered about his past. As a matter of fact, she admitted that she’s always had a thing for Ochocinco and admired him from afar. Sherelle Rosado appeared on the I am Athlete podcast for their “I am Woman” premiere episode, where she dove deeper into her relationship with her now-fiancee. 

Rosado states that they began as friends years ago but went through a period where she ceased communicating with him. They would then rekindle in 2020, but the flame intensified. Later that year, the two went public with their relationship. It didn’t take long for their relationship to escalate to the next level. On January 30, 2021, Ochocinco took to Instagram to reveal that he was now engaged to Sharelle Rosado. Borrowing from Proverbs 18:22 in the Bible about finding a wife, the former football star amended the Scripture to appeal more to his personal life. “A man that findeth a woman that likes McDonald’s has foundeth a wife,” wrote Ochocinco, along with a picture of the couple.

The new couple appeared happy and continued on in their beautiful journey together, only to find out that they would be expanding their family shortly. According to an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the couple found out in the midst of Rosado’s filming for the Netflix show (in which Ochocinco makes brief guest appearances).   Rosado expressed her excitement to be the mother of Ochocinco’s 8th child and her fourth. Revealing that the news was “shocking,” she also admitted to always wanting a “big family.”  

That came to fruition in January of 2021 when Sharelle Rosado gave birth to a healthy baby girl that the couple named Serenity “Hurricane” Paula Johnson. Ochocinco gave his followers the privilege of seeing him snip his daughter’s umbilical cord with a photograph on Instagram.  Since Serenity’s birth, Ochocinco has shared multiple moments where he is raising his daughter. In one video taken in February, the former footballer is lying next to his daughter as he informs her that she will be “eating good.” His version of eating well includes baby formula such as Enfamil, but Ochocinco’s love for McDonald’s shines through. Johnson jokingly claims that he will “blend a burger and fries” so that Serenity can get an early taste of the fast-food delicacy.

Ochocinco seems to have a lot of time on his hands as he raises his newborn, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem at all. The proud father continues to play an integral role in raising Serenity. At the same time, his fiancee rides high on the success of her business, Allure Realty.   But it seems as though Sharelle Rosado is rewarding her man for lightening the load for her. Taking to Instagram, Ochocinco revealed that Rosado gifted him a trip to the Dominican Republic, or “Punta Canada” instead of Punta Cana, as he stated in his Instagram Video. With a mishap like that, it’s evident that he needed a mental reset and recharge, which he thanked Rosado for in the video’s caption.  

Ochocinco seemed elated as he addressed the “fellas” in the video. “It’s beautiful out here,” he mentioned while admitting that he’d never visited the city before. Ochocinco then explained that Rosado gifted him the trip understanding the tolls of being a stay-at-home father. “It’s been very emotional for me,” he revealed, speaking more about his mental state.

Check out the clip below.

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