Celebrities Respond To Sandra Bullock’s Red Table Talk Episode

Some recent statements from actress Sandra Bullock are raising intense criticism. Bullock appeared on a recent showing of Red Table Talk where she gave an in-depth look at how it is to raise Black children as a white woman in America. Her comments, although true to her, drew a slew of mixed emotions from people both on and off social media, including many celebrities. Before we get into some of the reactions, let’s take a look at what Sandra Bullock said.

Sandra Bullock is the mother of two adopted children. In 2010, the Academy Award-winning actress became the mother of a then 3 and a 1/2 month-old boy named Louis Bardo Bullock, born in New Orleans. At the time, she expressed to PEOPLE how “perfect” he was, adding that she “can’t even describe him any other way.” In December of 2015, Bullock became a mother once again, this time to a then 3 and a 1/2-year-old daughter named Laila who had been in foster care prior.  PEOPLE was once again the news outlet that broke the story with Bullock sharing that Laila’s arrival made her feel that there was “no doubt in my mind that she was supposed to be here.”

Over the years, the Bird Box actress has spoken up about the difficulties of raising Black children in the United States. She doubled down on those sentiments while speaking to Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris on Red Table Talk, but her comments brought forth backlash toward her direction. In particular, it was when Bullock mentioned that she sometimes wished her children were the same skin color as her. 

Of course, her comments were the topic of conversation for many on social media and beyond. On The Real, co-hosts Loni Love, Garcelle Beauvais, and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton discussed her sentiments. Love shared that she was able to empathize with Bullock being a mother to Black children, “But girl, we don’t need you feeling sorry for us,” she says as she changed her tone. 

Loni Love’s viewpoint is that the actress should proceed to speak to the people that are carrying on with this behavior, especially the ones that look at her like she’s crazy while she has her children. Love also feels that with Bullock’s influence, she could sway those who feel those damaging ways.

Garcelle Beauvais took the side of those who felt that she meant no harm in her statements. The Jamie Foxx Show actress revealed that she has gone through similar experiences as her children are biracial. Unacceptable comments such as “Are you the nanny?” would be hurled her way. Just as well, Adrienne Houghton speaks on white people who make it their business to adopt children of color, calling it the “white savior complex.”

Dish Nation co-hosts also shared their take on the subject. Sherri Shepherd shared that it was commendable that Sandra Bullock took the initiative to adopt these children who were in need of homes and parents, and also expressed that Bullock is now privy to what many Black parents have always experienced with raising Black children, especially Black boys. This is the reason why Shepherd would be afraid to adopt outside of her race because is too “lazy” to raise them with the education of their culture. 

Offering praise to Sandra Bullock was actress Viola Davis, who shared a clip of her speaking about a conversation she had with her young son who dressed in a hoodie. “Sandra Bullock… I love you,” the How To Get Away With Murder actress tweeted. Joining in the encouragement was actress Yvette Nicole Brown, who said that Bullock has “BEEN that chick” and “adores” the actress as well. 

Social justice activist Tamika Mallory also chimed in. In a long caption to her Instagram, Mallory shares her appreciation for Bullock’s statements but attempts to help change her narrative. With sentiments mirroring that of Loni Love’s, Mallory told the actress, “Talk to YOUR PEOPLE much more than you talk to your Black son. That’s using your influence and providing ultimate protection.” What are your thoughts on Bullock’s statements?

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