Celebrities Question If Stevie Wonder Is Actually Blind After Years Of ‘Questionable’ Behavior

Stevie Wonder is one of the most celebrated musicians on the planet. The accomplished singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer has been around for several decades and has given music lovers countless hits. In the modern era, he has also given us countless memes as people continue to fuel conspiracy theories that the blind legend may actually be able to see. It has become a bit of a legend within itself. Has Stevie been fooling us all this time?

Stevie Wonder’s exceptional talents make it hard to believe the multihyphenate icon truly cannot see. Much like Ray Charles before him, Stevie wowed the world with his impressive abilities, all the while having to navigate through fame and success without his sight. Wonder has always had a silly personality and has played into this over the years, cracking jokes about watching tv and enjoying driving.

In the ’80s, Stevie even participated in a Saturday Night Live sketch where he “took pictures” for his friends. The images, of course, were blurry and out of focus. Celebrity friends have accused Stevie of faking as well, including Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq says that he and Stevie had apartments in the same building once. On his way up to his pad in the elevator, Shaq said Stevie got on at a different floor and, without missing a beat, said, “hi Shaq” without actually seeing the basketball legend.

During a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Diddy talked about how he has a massive candy room and the time Stevie Wonder visited his house and got to check the room out. When Kimmel joked, “did you tell him which candies were there?” Diddy said, “the way Stevie moves, he just go, and he knows what he wants. It’s like, you never seen Stevie doing that [motions around with his hands] like he doesn’t know where he’s going.” Diddy says that Stevie has even told him what he has on, “he’ll explain what he sees,” before the men start laughing again.

Lionel Richie says he’s been around Stevie his whole life and is convinced he can see. “I know he can see,” he told Kelly Clarkson on an episode of her talk show. He said that Stevie asked him to come into the car to listen to a song, and when Richie pressed play, Stevie began to drive backwards down the driveway. Stevie then proclaimed, “Got you didn’t I!” while Richie screamed, “Stevie, what are you doing!”

Rumors of Stevie driving have been around for a while too. There are photos of him behind the wheel throughout the years, with him most recently taking a Tesla for a spin. However, this time around the blind star was actually driving with the help of the smart cars Autopilot function. Photos show wonder looking ecstatic behind the wheel, but he reportedly did not go super far. Eventually, he and the passenger switched seats, and they drove off. People on Twitter seem to find these stories hilarious and said,

“The conspiracy theory about Stevie Wonder not actually being blind is so funny to me. Cus who actually saw him reading a book?” said one person.

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