Celebrities Like Deyjah Harris and Summer Walker Are Now Using Social Media To Reveal Personal Struggles Despite Critics

Social media seems to be the place where certain celebrities come forward to reveal their personal struggles. Whether it is to bring awareness or to seek a listening ear, or perhaps for attention, social media is seeing an uprising in the candid department for some prominent figures. Of course, topics surrounding personal struggles and mental issues are recommended to be shared in safe spaces. But social media users have a tendency to be critical of overly sensitive subjects rather than showing empathy. Such can be examined for celebrities from Deyjah Harris to Kanye West.

Deyjah Harris, reality star and daughter to Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Clifford “T.I.” Harris stated that her mental health struggles arose around the age of 11. From her time in sixth grade until now, her self-esteem took a hit due to kids pushing her around. Because she could not process what was happening to her knowledgeably, Deyjah admits to times when she inflicted self-harm. But, according to Harris, this was not too “healthy or beneficial to me or my growth.” Sadly, she shared that things hadn’t gotten easier from the age of 11 until she uploaded the video at 18. In fact, she shared the attacks come at her “ten times harder than it did the last time.”

Recently, Deyjah Harris opened up a bit more on March 1st, a day is known to bring awareness for those suffering from self-harm. She posted a stunning photo that exposed scars on her arm “Perhaps [I] had to experience this in order to be able to help someone else that is or will deal with this,” the reality star wrote in the lengthy caption. Harris expressed that she was not seeking sympathy, nor was she looking for comments that she is “too pretty” to be doing this to herself.  Despite fans showing concern for the reality star, many thanked her for being transparent and helping them through difficult times.

R&B singer Summer Walker never shies away from candidly speaking of her issues. Whether it be in her music or on social media, fans are privy to a lot of the Still Over It singer’s woes. Recently, the Atlanta native expressed that she won’t be performing certain songs from her discography, including certain fan-favorites from her sophomore album, because the wounds are too fresh.

In the past, Summer Walker has openly expressed that she deals with social anxiety. Fans have noticed how its effects have often seemingly crippled performances, claiming that she has no energy or brings no life. As a result, the singer has been the subject of intense criticism in the midst, some calling it an “act,” which she has had to address. However, while Summer Walker may actively deal with social anxiety, she’s been doing her part to bring awareness. The R&B singer has partnered with the wellness app, Mindset, to launch a 10-part series about her experience with social anxiety, among other topics.  

In the recent year, athletes have also began to become more open about their personal struggles and have switched the narrative surrounding mental health. World-renowned tennis player Naomi Osaka is also one of the latest celebrities to voice her struggles with depression, according to the New York Times. In the fall of 2021, Osaka announced that she would be taking a break from the sport and the WTA 1000 as she makes her health her priority. Yet, her decision was met with intense criticism from many in the sports world and fans as well.  

Kyrie Irving was called out earlier this year when the NBA player decided to take mental health day and missed the Nets game back in January. According to sources, Irving also took a day off after the passing of Kobe Bryant to put his health first. The NBA athlete has also been under fire for his decision to decline being vacinnated.

Simone Biles, who’s been referred to as the GOAT of gymnastics withdrew from Tokyo Olympics last year to focus on her health. Biles claimed it was more important to protect her mind and body rather than do what the world wants her to do. Other athletes such as Serena Williams and Michael Phelps have become advocates for personal health, partnering with Calm App.

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