Celebrities Are Now Picking Sides In Kanye West’s Feud Against Everyone

The rapper, formerly known as Kanye West, is as divisive as they come. While some champion his honesty and willingness to stand for what he believes in, others feel he is a narcissist. Ye does not care how we feel and continues to use his various platforms to plug his music and businesses as well as call out Pete Davidson and all those who have an opinion about his situation.

Understandably these kinds of outbursts come with ramifications. As some platforms zero in on West for violating their policies, we look back and some of Kanye’s most significant feuds and the people he’s beefed with online to see if removing him is justified. Kanye West’s current target has been ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. The SKIMS CEO has moved on from her ex-husband and has been mainly keeping quiet as he tears her down online. West had made sure to post screenshots of conversations with Kim defending herself and asking him to stop.

This is a far cry from the Kim Kardashian-West who ran to his defense in 2018 on Twitter during another notoriously dark time for the Chicago MC. In a Tweet from April of that year, she asked the media to stop demonizing West and calling him erratic. Some argue she is a hypocrite now since she’s the target. Others argue she has every right to be upset because she has had his back in the past, only for him to turn on her. “She always stood up for him. He’s basically [bothering] her for millions of people to see, and y’all expect her to condone his behavior?”

Julia Fox dated Ye briefly at the top of this year. Paparazzi caught up with the socialite to ask her thoughts on everything going on with him. Both Pete and Kim have asked him to stop and stress that the way he is acting could lead to a serious incident. According to Julia, however, West is harmless and just expressing himself. “I don’t think Kanye would hurt a fly.”

Well, even if Julia does believe his gentle, Instagram still had to step in after users reported West for posts he was making against Pete Davidson and television host Trevor Noah. The app shut down his account for 24hrs so he would not be able to post or interact with anyone. Trevor Noah expressed similar sentiments on his show, believing that even if Kanye is not the one to do it, he is inciting fans to attack Pete by constantly making him look like the bad guy.

Kanye West’s collaborator/friend French Montana took to Twitter to tell fans that the blocked star has plans to launch his own app, much like former President Donald Trump. “They suspended my dawg Kanye off Instagram. He about to make his own social media platform.” Some people seem to prefer West be silenced and are even doing it themselves to avoid further disappointment from the once-beloved star. “I unfollowed and blocked Kanye West from my Instagram. It took a lot, but I refuse to let him destroy the very little respect and love I still have for him,” said one twitter user.

French Montana is not the only person to come to Kanye’s defense. Soulja Boy got on IG live to call out Pete for being disrespectful to Kanye and plans to also come for him if he says anything else out of pocket. “Can’t nobody talk to Ye like that but me! Watch your mouth, Skete.” Meanwhile, The Game called out IG directly for being inconsistent in who they censor suggesting there’s too much going on for Instagram to focus on Kanye West’s post. The rapper goes on to say that West is just speaking his truth and trying to save his family and should not be blocked.

Kanye West’s feud with D.L. Hughley is also heating up, but one person no one expected to get involved is Steve Harvey. Throughout the last week, Kanye West has went back and forth after West heard Hughley’s opinion about him. During an interview, DL Hughley made it clear that if Kim were his daughter he would do something about it. Kanye West did not take kindly to Hughley’s words and although ‘kings aren’t suppose to respond to pawns’ West responded anyway. The rapper went on a rant suggesting he would release the comedian’s address while also calling him a ‘broke’ pawn.

Steve Harvey got wind of Kanye West’s comments toward D.L. Hughley during the morning show and warned Kanye, ‘it ain’t what you want.’ The Talk Show host made it clear that he and D.L. Hughley come from a different generation and if D.L. Hughley and Kanye ended up getting into it, his money is on D.L. Hughley .

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