Cassie Is Now A Married Woman, But Once Upon Of Time She Would’ve Done Anything For Diddy Including Shaving Her Head, According To Young Joc

Diddy has had a stunning list of romantic partners that include Kim Porter, Jennifer Lopez, and even Yung Miami of the City Girls. But his long-term relationship with R&B singer and model Cassie had everyone thinking that wedding bells would soon occur for Diddy. The two were so in love that the singer reportedly would have done anything to vitalize the impending future that she thought they were building. However, after over a decade of waiting, Cassie’s hopes for marriage went in a different direction.

Rumors Of Cassie and Diddy’s Relationship Began In 2014

Connecticut-born Cassie Ventura became widely popular in 2006 when her single Me & U” was released. Written and produced by Ryan Leslie, who happened to also be her boyfriend, the song was a big hit for Cassie, peaking in the top ten on official charts in multiple countries, including Billboard’s Hot 100 at number 3.   Before achieving this, Cassie signed a deal with Ryan Leslie’s production company, NextSelection Lifestyle Group, and Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment. Her self-titled album was released in the summer of 2006 to mainly positive reviews. But while the single was eventually certified platinum, the album’s follow-ups didn’t find the same amount of success.

Meanwhile, it was clear that Diddy wasn’t giving up on his artist. Criticisms arose surrounding much of Cassie’s vocal abilities and live performances. Soon, rumors circulated that the singer’s time at Bad Boy was up. That was clearly false. In an interview with MTV News, Diddy spoke up in Cassie’s defense, stating that she was “definitely not dropped from Bad Boy.” He then declared that she was working with heavy hitters Kanye West and Pharrell Williams on her sophomore album, then titled Electro Love (which never saw the light of day). Additionally, Diddy announced Cassie as a Sean John women’s collection spokesmodel that year.

Noticeably missing from Cassie’s life at that time was her boyfriend and producer, Ryan Leslie. Rumors began to swirl that the singer ditched Leslie for Diddy, or more specifically, Diddy “stole” Cassie from Leslie. Various appearances with the two seen close together didn’t help the narrative either.

While the media and fans were correct about all of their speculations, no confirmation would really be offered by any party. It was true that Diddy and Cassie were secretly in a relationship. But that all changed in 2012 when they stepped out as a couple at Kanye West’s fashion week show held in Paris and thus made it public. Their relationship began to heat up even further, and in 2014, more rumors were birthed. Cassie was sporting an elegant diamond ring that many believed to be an engagement ring. An Instagram post from Diddy didn’t help the rumors either after he posted a photo of a ring and asked the “Long Way 2 Go” singer if she “like[d] it.” However, according to a DailyMailOnline report claiming that the mogul’s reps denied the information, this was debunked.

Diddy Cheated On Cassie With Model Gina Huynh 

It’s no secret that infidelity was an issue within their on-again-off-again relationship. Diddy’s cheating ways even caused the “dramatic” split between him and his children’s mother, Kim Porter, as she described it in a 2007 interview with Essence. “He’s not the first man who’s cheated,” she said. Rumors of cheating plagued their relationship from what seemed like the beginning. Reports even stated that Cassie was getting “flirtatious” with another man in 2016 by Page Six.  

The rumors are still running rampant today, even though the relationship has long since dissolved. Social media model Gina Huynh just revealed that contrary to popular belief, she didn’t just meet Diddy. In fact, she was his alleged lover while he was still dating Cassie. During a recent interview with The Jasmine BrandHuynh stated that despite herself promising to never touch a man that was taken, she couldn’t help it when it came to Diddy. Claiming that she was “crazy in love” and the experience was “enticing” and that she “didn’t know any better,” she felt bad “deep down.” Gina Huynh also claims to have “apologized” to Cassie following their split.

Cassie Wasted 11 Years Of Her Life With Diddy, According To Wendy Williams

According to multiple reports, Cassie decided to end the relationship in 2018. HollywoodLife claims from a source that the singer grew “tired of waiting for Diddy to put a ring on it.” Many people praised Cassie for the decision, including talk show maven Wendy Williams, who shared her feelings that the singer “wasted 11 years” of her life. Within those 11 years, Cassie and her dreams seemed to be tied to her man, including the long-discussed sophomore album that never materialized. However, her love and devotion appeared to go very deep toward her former lover. Her former label-mate, Young Joc, recently shared with Vlad TV that the time that Cassie infamously shaved her head, it was because Diddy told her to after seeing another woman with the hairstyle, and she acquiesced. “Whatever Sean wants, I’m going to do,” said Cassie, according to the rapper-turned-reality star.

Cassie Left Diddy and Was Engaged To Alex Fine 10 Months Later 

The announcement of their split came in the fall of 2018. Not too long afterward, Cassie announced that she was in a relationship with personal trainer Alex Fine. Their relationship quickly grew, and Cassie didn’t have to wait another decade to get a ring. In 2019, Cassie and Fine got engaged, and that August, the couple exchanged vows. They also had their first child in December of that year and welcomed their second child in 2021. Cassie recently shared that she’ll be releasing new music as an independent artist.

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