Cardi B Files Paperwork To Seize Tasha K’s Property and Bank Accounts, While Blogger Remains In Africa

Cardi B is not letting up in her quest for vindication. The hip-hop/pop star has been the subject of many rumors and lies throughout her career, but it was YouTube blogger Tasha K who really rubbed Cardi the wrong way. Tasha posted a series of videos to her million subscribers alleging some very graphic and false things about the Bronx rapper that caused her a great deal of trauma.

Cardi B fired back with a lawsuit, accusing Tasha K of making up rumors that severely impacted her mental state and made her even feel like taking her own life at times because of the rate at which other sites would take the rumors and run with them. Tasha would eventually admit to making things up about Cardi for money and clickbait and was ordered to pay Cardi $2.5 million in damages and $1.3 million in legal fees. They also requested that Tasha K delete all videos from her Youtube channel that spoke ill of Cardi or spread any lies. Tasha K has yet to pay up, as her lawyers are looking to file an appeal that they are “confident” they are going to win.

In the meantime, Tasha K has taken a vacation to Africa, although many have accused her of fleeing the country to avoid paying up. The blogger also continues to attack the rapper online with her latest video uploaded last week. Tasha K claims Cardi B is an ex two-year superstar with only one album. The blogger goes on to claim Cardi B sold her publishing to all of music because she needed the money. She went on to discuss that Cardi B doesn’t do shows because she’s too busy getting plastic surgery.

Cardi has a backup plan, however and was alluding to some major consequences taking place last week if Tasha did not pay. Cardi has now begun the process of garnishing Tasha’s accounts and seizing her assets, already collecting $ 3 million dollars. According to the motion filed Friday, “Cardi demanded Chase and its employees hold all of Tasha’s property, money, wages and other assets, including property in safe deposit boxes or similar property.” Tasha is reportedly back in court fighting with the judge, urging them to hold off until her appeal is completed. She also filed a countersuit stating that fans have been sending her life threatening messages online.

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