Cancel Culture Is Costing Celebrities Millions

The actions of certain celebrities have been getting them canceled left to right lately. Rather than attempt to provide a teachable moment for the infraction or misunderstanding, fans will rally to remove a celebrity from their status. Some stars push cancel culture to the side, saying they are useless and not real. And while there are many examples of celebrities who have not been affected by cancel culture’s attempts, there are also those who have lost millions in revenue.

DaBaby went from charismatic rapper to controversial in a swift time. Most significantly, the “Neighborhood Superstar” rapper suffered severe backlash when he inserted an unsolicited homophobic rant during his July 2021 Rolling Loud headlining. The rapper saw a significant shift in his schedule following his divisive comments as multiple festivals that he was slated to appear on canceled his performances. According to DaBaby, he had a total of around $30 million in “liquid money” that he would have earned from shows. He also shared that each festival was paying him over a whopping $400,000 to perform. But, that was only a portion of the rapper experiencing the “domino effect” of cancel culture.

Breakfast Club host DJ Envy sheds light on the fact that it’s not just the artist affected by the cancellation, but their teams such as the DJ, road manager, stylist, chef, and more. However, DaBaby revealed that the incident enabled him to learn to shift and “make adjustments” after it upset his bank account. “I learned a lot. I learned it ain’t no different. It’s just like any other business. When you reach certain levels in it, you have to make adjustments and move a certain way. I didn’t know that at the time. I was just hustling.” The chart-topping rapper assured everyone he has learned his lesson.

Another major player in entertainment whose bank account was seriously affected was Nick Cannon. Following his controversial comments that were said to be anti-Semitic on his podcast in 2020, Nick Cannon was fired from Viacom and removed from his hosting duties on Wild ‘N Out. Cannon also serves as the show’s creator, executive producer, and cast member. Website Net Worth Reporter states that Cannon brought in $70k per episode. Immediately following his termination, Cannon apologized to his Jewish Brothers and Sisters for hurting them, although that was not his intentions. The media mogul then went online demanding full ownership of the ‘Wild ‘N Out’ brand. Cannon claim he was now in the driver seat to make demands and wants the billion dollar company he created and an apology. The host has since apologized and repaired his relationship with Viacom, as the show is back on television screens. Cannon recently opened up a Wild ‘N Out sports bar in San Diego.

Recently, Whoopi Goldberg made comments concerning the Holocaust on The View that riled up network executives. As a result, Goldberg apologized for her statements was suspended from her moderating duties without pay by ABC. According to Radar Online, Whoopi Goldberg has a $5 million yearly salary for hosting The View, and her two-week suspension cost her $192,000. Cancel Culture not only affected Whoopi Goldberg’s money, it also affected ‘The Views’ ratings. Immediately, following her suspension fans protested and The View hit a season low in ratings. Once Goldberg returned The View ratings increased once again.

Chrissy Teigen is usually on the ‘right’ side of the cancel culture for feuding with celebrities like Donald Trump and Candace Owens. Throughout Donald Trump’s entire presidency, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were very vocal about their disdain for the celebrity apprentice president. It was reported that Donald Trump even blocked Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. Chrissy Teigen and Candace Owens feud began when Owens compared the model to Jeffery Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. Despite getting the support of cancel culture while attacking Trump and Owens, Teigen couldn’t escape the wrath of them during her feud with Courtney Stodden. Immediately following the accusations, Chrissy Teigen saw her business begin to suffer. Although she apologized, The Blast reports Target wanted no parts. The retail dropped Tiegen’s cookware line off the shelf, along with Macys and Bloomingdales.

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