Camille Winbush Was Once Known As ‘Nessa’ Or Bernie Mac’s ‘Niece’, Now She’s Showing Off Her ‘Brown Skin’ and Some Fans Are Uncomfortable

If you watched The Bernie Mac Show, you could recall his oldest niece, “Vanessa Thomkins,” aka “Nessa.” The role was famously played by actress Camille Winbush, who was only just 11-years-old when production started. It’s been over two decades since the award-winning debuted on Fox, which means that the actress has certainly grown up. But just where did life take Camille Winbush? Many fans were shocked to discover that not only has she grown, but the actress is also diving into more “mature content” now. With Winbush now on OnlyFans, some fans feel that her “Uncle Bernie” would be appalled.

Camille Winbush’s Life Before Bernie Mac

Camille Winbush was already a working actress before receiving her breakout role on The Bernie Mac Show. First, the Culver City, California-born star appeared in 3 episodes of NBC’s action starring James McCaffrey, Viper. Then, at the age of 5, Winbush was cast in the Michelle Pfeiffer and Courtney B. Vance-led film Dangerous Minds as “Tyeisha Roberts.” In 1996, Winbush landed back at NBC in a starring role on the short-lived sitcom Minor Adjustments. Her performance as “Emma Aimes” garnered her a nomination for that year’s Young Artist Awards for Best Performance by an Actress Under 10: Television.

Camille Winbush continued to rise as she was cast in a small role in the commercially successful film Eraser, starring Vanessa Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger. She also had a recurring role in the WB drama 7th Heaven as “Lynn Hamilton” and starred alongside Forest Whitaker in the acclaimed film Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

Camille Winbush’s Bernie Mac Role Earned Her Four NAACP Image Awards

Camille Winbush would receive her big break after years of walk-on roles on shows like Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, NYPD Blue, and the animated series Recess. Then, in 2001, she was introduced to the world as “Nessa” on The Bernie Mac Show, which ran for five seasons. Her character was always filled with attitude, and she never shied away from giving the late comedian Bernie Mac on the show. 

Camille Winbush reflected on her time filming the series, often sharing great moments with her co-stars. The actress reflected on her audition process with Entertainment Weekly, where she shone above the other potential actresses. Even though she was so young, Winbush still felt inspired to improvise on her lines and add the extra oomph needed that secured her spot.

The show was highly popular and received multiple award nominations. Camille Winbush was nominated for various awards for her performance in the show, including a Prism award and two BET Comedy Awards. Winbush was also nominated for four NAACP Image Awards throughout the show’s five-season run, of which she would take home three trophies. In addition, the actress once again saw a nomination for the Young Artist Awards in 2006. However, this time she left the ceremony a winner.

The Actress Appeared On Grey’s Anatomy & Criminal Minds After The Bernie Mac Show

The Bernie Mac Show may have gone off-air in 2006, but that did not stop Camille Winbush’s work. In 2007, she guest-starred on both Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds. Winbush then landed another significant role on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager, also running for five seasons. Then in 2015, Camille Winbush was seen as one of the stars in Issa Rae’s YouTube series The Choir in its second season.  

Camille Winbush Joined Only Fans in 2021

With the pandemic raging on in 2020, Camille Winbush definitely felt the effects like much of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. But in February 2021, the actress made an announcement that she had joined the platform, absolutely stunning her followers.

However, it wasn’t exactly what everyone thought it would be. Winbush explained that the exclusive content she’d be sharing would only contain “minimal nudity.” She would also be doing things like “singin’ & dancing” and “saying the things I really want to say.”  But even though the now 32-year-old entertainer is definitely not a child and capable of making her own decisions, many fans found the announcement disappointing. And a recent photo uploaded to Winbush’s Instagram page gave fans a taste of what they can expect when they subscribe.

Many fans commented that Bernie Mac was perhaps turning in his grave upon seeing Camille reveal her ‘brown skin’ to the world. One fan spoke on “the baby from the Bernie Mac show,” saying, “I feel like covering her w my jacket.” Another wrote, “I feel like I’m not supposed to even see her like this🤨🤨 that’s my daughter!!😩😩😩😩 WHY NESSA? WHYYYYY?.” Many others issued that perhaps she’s desperate or “needs the money.” In contrast, others offered that she was inspired by Bhad Bhabie’s success after making over $50 million on the platform to date.

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