Cam Newton & Kia Proctor Has 4 Kids, But How Many Kids Does He Have After Fathering Child Outside Of Their Union?

Cam Newton Is A Proud Father Of 7

Football Quarterback Cam Newton is a successful NFL star. The 6’5 player is a 3x Super Bowl champion with a growing reputation for his outrageous fashion and unfiltered persona. He is also famous for something else that he shares with the likes of Nick Cannon and Shaquille O’Neal. Cam loves making kids and is up to 7 right now. 

Cam Newton kicked off his baby-making journey with Kia Proctor. They began with Chosen Newton, born on December 24th, 2015. He took to social media to make the announcement saying, “My longtime girlfriend and I were extremely blessed to have a son last week.” Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton followed in 2017. Camidas Swain Newton was born next in 2018. Cashmere Newton was born in May of 2019, followed by Cam deciding to abstain from sex for a while to “challenge” himself in different ways. 

That did not last long because Cam would eventually start a relationship with another woman in the middle of his time with Kia. Le Reina Shaw and Cam Newton would have their first child together in 2020. Ceasar Newton was born into much chaos, signaling the end of Cam’s relationship with Kia. 

Cam Newton And Kia Proctor Have Four Kids Together

Cam and Kia had a rocky union together. Despite having four children together, he reportedly never had planned on marrying Proctor. They dated from 2013 to 2020, but Cam says he never felt ready to be a husband despite already becoming a father and starting a family. 

While talking with Brittany Renner back in February, Cam opened up about his feelings and why he could never take his commitment to Kia to the next level. He says it was as simple as him just not being ready. “We were both young. There was nothing, and still nothing I would never do for her. But at the same time, the person that she was when I met her, it wasn’t the person she was when I left her.” He goes on to say that Kia actually started off the relationship not wanting marriage while he did, and things shifted over the course of their relationship. Cam also admits to a lot of temptation in the NFL, making his committing to her even harder. 

Cam Newton Stepped Up To Help Raise Kia’s Oldest Daughter From Previous Relationship

Kia Proctor came into the relationship with a daughter from a previous relationship named Shakira Proctor. Cam has raised her as his own and has shouted her out in various posts. Kia always included her daughter as well and uses the hashtag “mom of 5” under posts of the family. Cam expressed his love for Shakira during a father’s day post where he reminded people that a father is not just the person who helps make the child, but the one who really helps raise them and make them better. 

Cam Newton Had Baby While With Kia Proctor

As mentioned earlier, Cam would eventually father a child outside of his relationship with Kia Proctor, which signaled the end of their union. In fact his last two kid’s Birthdays are so close that it means that both Kia and La Reina were pregnant at the same time with boys Cashmere and Cesar.

Cam admits that he was deeply embarrassed by the scandal as it broke but chose to put his children first because he never wanted them to think he was ashamed of them. “it is embarrassing to talk about, but everybody don’t really wanna talk about real situations in life, and that molded me. I just stopped caring what people thought about it because I come home, and I have a due diligence to be the best father that I can possibly be.” 

It is unclear if he and La Reina are together, but some sites have reported that in addition to taking care of their son, he has also begun helping Shaw raise her child from a previous relationship as well, Jaden Amarrio. By this tally, Cam is currently helping bring up seven kids total. 

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