Brittany Renner and Cam Newton Discuss His Previous Relationship With Kia Proctor and Why He Didnt Make Her His Wife

Cam Newton is keeping it funky with his fans. The NFL player has been attempting to become more transparent with the world about his life, various decisions, and his purpose. In a recent episode of his podcast, Newton removed the velvet rope and gave fans an entrance to his past relationship with former girlfriend, Kia Proctor, and why he didn’t marry her.

Cam Newton reportedly began to date former [dancer] Kia Proctor around 2013. Proctor used to be employed at a Washington D.C. strip club under the stage name “Hazel” before relocating to Atlanta in the pursuit of a modeling career. While in the ATL, Kia Proctor also worked as a party promoter.

Fans of the Carolina Panthers Quarterback were shocked to discover that he and Kia Proctor welcomed their first child, a baby boy christened Chosen Sebastian Newton, on Christmas Eve in 2015. Taking to Twitter, Cam Newton shared the joyous news and stated that he was “extremely blessed” while the “family is excited” for the new addition.

In a follow-up tweet, Cam Newton gave his reasons for keeping the pregnancy news a secret. The ESPY Award-winning athlete explained that he was “quiet about this because I didn’t want to create a distraction for my team and appreciate the privacy in this joyous time.”

Their second blessing came in the form of a beautiful daughter named Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton, born in February 2017. Newton shared an emotional photo of himself holding the precious baby girl that he had with his longtime girlfriend.

Cam Newton and Kia Proctor became parents for the third time in 2018. Their second son, Camidas Swain Newton, arrived on July 6th of that year, but it would not be the last for the couple. Shortly after announcing that he was abstaining from having intimacy for a month in 2019, it was revealed that he was about to be a father for the fourth time. Finally, that year their fourth child, Cashmere Saint Newton, arrived in the world.

However, the pro footballer would soon find himself in the news for another pregnancy reveal, but not from his longtime girlfriend. Cam Newton was revealed to have impregnated a model by the name of La Reina Shaw. The model bore a son Newton named Caeser Newton in July 2019, bringing his biological children count to five. News of the baby caused the demise of Cam Newton’s relationship with Kim Proctor. He soon entered a relationship with La Reina Shaw.

After spending so many years together with Kim Proctor, what caused him to leave? After all of those years and many children together, why didn’t Cam Newton lock it down and marry his longtime girlfriend? The NFL player got candid during a recent episode of his podcast to share why.

While speaking with the Instagram model and social media influencer Brittany Renner, Newton admitted to youth being a factor. However, he says that she changed over time in the same breath, stating that the woman he met was not the woman he left. Cam Newton admits that at the beginning of their relationship, he was moreso the one who had marriage in view as his parents’ 36-year marriage inspired him. Through that, he was able to see the many vicissitudes that marriage and commitment have to bring.

“Protecting her,” Newton explains that over time he began to feel the pressure of entering into marriage as Proctor kept declaring that she was not going to be delegated to “baby mama” status. It was this that helped Cam Newton realize that he was incapable of that level of commitment to his partner at the time.

However, the NFL player remains active in his children’s lives. Interestingly, while Cam Newton has five children, he claims to be a “proud father of 7.” In an Instagram post celebrating Father’s Day, Cam Newton expressed his love for his five children and two others from his ex-partners’ past relationships. Kia Proctor has a daughter named Shakira Proctor from a previous relationship that Newton lovingly calls his daughter. He also helps raise La Reina Shaw’s son, Jaden Amarrio, with whom she had a from prior relationship.

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