Bow Wow Sued For Allegedly Stealing $3,000 From 10-Year-Old Girl Who Paid Rapper For A Verse

Shad Moss aka Bow Wow is no stranger to controversy. The pint-size rapper has notoriously been at the center of things throughout his career. While he recently bragged about how much he made during his tour last year, it appears Bow Wow is still not above running off with someone’s money.

The rapper reportedly pocketed $3k from a fan and left them hanging after they requested a verse from him. Sadly, the person was a 10-year-old girl.

Several sites obtained documents stating that the 10-year-old’s father is suing Shad Moss for $15k after accepting their CashApp transfer but never delivering the verse. “Based on the foregoing and as a direct consequence of Defendant’s actions and failures, Plaintiff’s total damages, including costs and attorney’s fees, amount to $15,000.00” the document stated. It is unclear who the child and her father are or when this transpired, but fans in the comments section are having a field day with the info.

Bow Wow jumped into the comments to defend himself, here’s what he had to say. “Smell like they got catfished. I don’t even have cash app. Business goes thru managers etc… there are contracts placed. I never even heard of these people. Never was presented a contract agreement or anything.

Nice try tho.” Bow Wow followed this up with a message for fans who believe they might be talking with or doing business with their favorite celebrity. “Celeb’s pages get hacked and duplicated every day. Pls, be careful who you guys send money to over these apps.”

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