Boosie Badazz Daughter Shows Off Her New Girlfriend and Fans Are Pulling Up His Past

Rapper Boosie Badazz might need to turn his phobia off following revelations that his own daughter has a girlfriend. The rapper has spent years calling out queer artists while defending artists like R. Kelly. Now many are wondering if his daughter will be on the receiving end of his famous online rants.

Boosie Badazz was one of the first people to come forward and express his disgust with the Wade family when they announced their full support of daughter Zaya following her coming out. In a series of social media posts, he pleaded with Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union to not allow Zaya to transition, making assumptions about her personal business and more. He would try to defend himself in the years following, stating that he did not understand how the child would be allowed to make such a life-changing decision. While Wade thanked him for creating a conversation in the black community, many others were not a fan and were ready to lay hands on him. 

One of those people was Mike Tyson’s child, who identified as trans. Mike said that while interviewing Boosie for his podcast, his child flew out from New York to confront the rapper regarding his thoughts on Zaya. “Boosie ain’t say a word. My daughter is big and strong; she will sit on Boosie. My family is from the South. They’re big strong women; they fight men,” he told N.O.R.E during an episode of Drink Champs. 

Next up was Boosie versus Lil Nas X. Boosie met his match in the billboard charting artist, and Lil Nas was relentless in taunting Boosie and getting him to show just how homophobic he was. Nas joked that he and Boosie had a song together, to which Boosie responded by telling Nas to take his own life, amongst other vile things. Nas went on to discuss how people like Boosie are a detriment to his community, even causing some to want to harm themselves. 

“Discrimination around sexuality and gender identity is still very real, and our community deserves to feel supported and totally free to be themselves,” Nas said in a speech to the Trevor Project in 2021. Their back and forth initially started when Nas joked about performing on the VMAs with Jack Harlow, and Boosie threatened to drag them off stage.  Lil Boosie is a father to eight kids. His controversial comments over the years have people wondering how he treats his own children, and he has come forward with several damning stories about hiring adult women for his underaged son

Well, we’re sure we’ll find out soon what his opinions are on his daughter Poison Ivi. It’s reported that the young woman is queer and posted an image with her girlfriend saying “endlessly in love with you,” including a same-gender loving emoji. Fans in the comments found this the most hilarious display of karma and said, “The world is a cycle.”

Another person said, “As long as his sons ain’t gay, I promise he don’t care.” Boosie actually admitted he would slap his son straight if he ever came out in previous interview.

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