Bobby Brown Wife Wants People To Move On From Whitney Houston, But His Sister Will Never Let Whitney Be Forgotten

Bobby Brown is currently on the promo trail for his documentary with A&E. Titled Biography: Bobby Brown; the project hopes to shed new light on the R&B legend and his life. His wife Alicia Etheredge has been by his side for much for the promotion, where the two have discussed their union and how they navigate the ever-looming shadow of his previous marriage to Whitney Houston. Alicia has made some comments about Whitney that have rubbed people the wrong way, particularly Bobby Brown’s sister. 

Who Are Bobby Brown’s siblings?

Bobby Brown and his family were raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Bobby is one of 8 children born to Carole Elizabeth Brown and Herbert James Brown. While the Brown children all pursued different lifestyles and careers, some of his siblings did follow Bobby into the public eye. 

Brother Tommy Brown worked closely with Bobby over the years and is listed as a producer on IMDB with credits including Being Bobby Brown, The Houstons: On Our Own, and The Tyra Banks Show. His Twitter says he’s a father of 3 and a man of god.  Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown has also been a presence in Bobby’s life. She has always had a complicated relationship with Brown and close relationship with his ex-wife Whitney Houston. Leolah released a book some years ago titled “My Journey to God”, the Autobiography of Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah.” 

Leolah Brown Has Been Determined to Seek Justice For Whitney Houston and Bobby Kristina

Leolah Brown has been very adamant about seeking justice in the passings of her former sister-in-law Whitney Houston and her niece Bobbi Kristina Brown. In a clip from a 2015 interview with Inside Edition, she speculated that both Whitney and Bobbi Kristina’s lives were taken . “I believe somebody killed my niece, just like they killed her mother.” Leolah names Nick Gordon as the one responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s passing. “I believe there are several people that wanted Bobbi Kristina dead. The purpose of her death was to gain full access to Whitney Houston’s estate.” Leolah also claimed that Bobby Brown’s current wife, Alicia was horrible to her niece and promised to expose everyone from Aliciia to Whitney’s mother. During Bobbi Kristina’s funeral, Leolah was kicked out in the middle of Pat Houston’s eulogy.

Leolah Brown Was Not Happy About The Way BET Portrayed Whitney Houston

Leolah was also very unhappy with the way Whitney Houston was portrayed in Bobby Brown’s 2020 Bet film The Bobby Brown Story. She feels that they made Whitney Houston look horrible. “Yes, Whitney was feisty, but she loved Bobby. And she did not deserve to be talked about like that,” she told Essence. Leolah also took issue with the way in which Bobby’s marriage to Alicia was depicted. In the film, Alicia is given a lot of credit for rehabilitating Brown and helping him find a new life. Alicia is also shown to be very loving and accepting of Brown’s family, something Leolah says is completely false. 

Leolah claims that Alicia has no love for Bobby Brown’s blood relatives and has cut them all out of his life. She also claims that Alicia denied Bobby from being able to assist their mother when she was sick. Their parents, Carole and Herbert Brown, died in 2011 and 2012. Leolah Brown has speculated that Alicia is trying to take Bobby Brown’s liife as well to gain sole access to his estate.

Leolah Brown Says Whitney Houston Will Never Be Forgotten

Earlier this week, Alicia and Bobby Brown opened up about their romance and let fans in on their relationship. Alicia discussed how she handled the pressures of being with Whitney Houston’s ex-husband. According to her, while she understands how huge Bobby and Whitney’s relationship was, she no longer feels overshadowed by it. Alicia relishes in being Bobby’s soulmate and gives herself a lot of credit for his successes in the last decade. 

Leolah Brown was not feeling Alicia speaking against her former sister-in-law and took to Facebook to let Alicia know she could never replace Whitney Houston.  “PALEEZ! WHITNEY HOUSTON WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN,” she fired off. “TRUST ME, Bobby Brown can never forget such a real woman.” Leolah goes on to champion Whitney’s strong spirit and alludes to Bobby possibly still having feelings for his late ex-wife. In her second post, Leolah claims Alicia has been targeting his children by Whitney and Kim. Leolah says Alicia just wants it to be her and bobby for his legacy purposes.

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