Blueface Proudly Announces He ‘Box’ Women and Men, Says His Hands Are Bisexual

Blueface is a fighter, not a lover. The rapper-turned-reality star has been in the news more for his brawls with his girlfriend Chrisean than anything else. While the press has allowed them to tour and stay relevant on every gossip site, people are wondering when they will finally go to far and hurt one another. Blueface does not seem phased by this, and proudly admits that he hits women.

When R&B singer Chris Brown was getting flack for his resurfaced fight with Rihanna, he immediately called out the internet’s hypocrisy. According to Chris, there is no way he could still get hate from an incident over ten years ago while Blueface and Chrisean get rewarded for beating on each other. Blue responded to Chris with an awkward video of him chalking up the difference in outrage to Chris “beating up the wrong b****.”

By this logic, it seems Blueface thinks it is ok to beat up women like Chrisean. While she seems to hold her own in their spats, it gets nastier and nastier each time. They’ve proudly sported black eyes and bloody lips and even compared their bruises on IG live once.

Blue believes that if a woman puts her hands on him, he has every right to strike back. In a recent tweet, he says, “My hands is bisexual for anybody who feel a typa way get up with me,” and followed that up with, “An any b**** put they hands on me getting they a** beat.” He concluded the warning with, “everybody knows that already the truth could never destroy me I tell myself the truth every morning.”

Fans have to look no further than his time on the series Crazy In Love or any of his viral videos. There are clips of Blue and Chrisean going at it. There is even a clip of him fighting her father. The last bad fight Blue and Chrisean got into was when she appeared to attack him during his birthday party shortly after her pregnancy announcement. Fans are speculating that the pregnancy might be the cause for their recent spat too. “Chrisean and blueface ‘fighting’ now because chrisean was never pregnant and needs a reason to play it off. but it’s JUST a theory,” said one fan.

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