Blueface Insists His Relationship With Chrisean Rock Is All Business As Fans Plead For The Couple To Dismantle

Blueface and Chrisean continue to thrive despite how concerning their relationship is. The pair have turned their viral spats into ratings and are cashing in on appearances and streams as a result. While some believe the couple could not possibly be so toxic, others are starting to think that they are truly in it for the money.

Chrisean and Blueface connected during the pandemic via his Only Fans reality dating show. As the standout, Chrisean won and signed to Blueface label. Her over-the-top affection for him resulted in some truly bizarre and viral moments, including her stealing his car and removing her front tooth. Seeing how people reacted to their dynamic, Zeuz Network quickly signed them to a series. Crazy In Love has been letting the world in on their wild dynamic and toxic relationship.

While Chrisean is clearly deeply in Love with Blueface, the rapper has made it clear he is only in this arrangement for the money. In several interviews, he has insulted Chrisean’s intelligence while she sits by oblivious. This has included defending their public spats after Chris Brown tried to use them as an example of how toxic the media is. Blueface laughed while wearing glasses to conceal his bruised eyes and told Chris Brown he “beat up the wrong [woman] referring to Rihanna. Chrisean can be heard agreeing and laughing in the background.

When Chrisean announced she was pregnant, Blueface took to social media to declare the baby was not his. “To answer y’all questions, yes me an rock are officially done it’s strictly business I tried it an clearly it wasn’t giving before she announced.” They’ve gotten back together since, and his “strictly business” mindset continues to shine through as he’s slipped up in several interviews about their arrangement. Meanwhile, Chrisean continues to fly off the handles and has been seen verbally and physically abusing Blueface in several videos.

Both reality stars have sported some bruises from their altercations, but for whatever reason, the world refuses to look away. People on Twitter agree and have been trying to express their concerns for a while. “I’m praying for blue face. the money ain’t worth it. your mental and physical health is at high risk rn dawg.” Another person noted, “Chrisean is definitely the Problem & Blueface Just There for the Money.” In addition to their reality show, Blueface, and Chrisean have paid appearances scheduled together. Their single “Dear Rock” has over 100k streams on Spotify.

The couple have paid ads with brands like Revenge, and Chrisean has already eclipsed Blueface in IG followers. She trumps his 1.9 million with her 2.9 million. Obviously, she is becoming the draw of the two and even has more promotions on her page for paid appearances than Blueface. With that kind of combined power and earning potential, Blue is not looking to leave despite pleas from fans. Chrisean took to social media last December to proudly show off the two black eyes she gave Blueface. Blueface jokes that she ain’t “taken his title yet,” meaning he possibly did worst to her in the past.

Despite how unhealthy Chrisean Rock and Blueface are for each other. The couple refuse to let their issues get in the way of their money.

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