Blac Chyna On Journey To Start A New Life, Starts Process By Removing Enhancements

Blac Chyna is the latest celebrity to begin reversing her augmentations. When bigger backsides became all the rage, many women rushed to ge work done, which has left them dealing with irreversible issues over the years. Celebrity women with the means to remove these enhancements like Cardi B, K Michelle, and Blac Chyna have begun to do so and are warning fans about the consequences of bad work.

Blac Chyna’s famous physique helped her become a star. The former dancer caught the attention of the hip-hop industry early on and began appearing in videos. Soon she was being cast as Nicki Minaj’s body double in the “Monster” video. Eventually, Chyna would land herself in the Kardashian circle, first through her affiliation with Kanye’s friend Tyga and then eventually with Robert Kardashian. She shares children with both men. At one point, Chyna was said to be the highest-earning content creator on Only Fans.

Despite doing all of this, thanks to her enhancement, Chyna, like many women, began to have health concerns. An alarming amount of people have begun to lose their lives or have complications due to some of the substances injected into their bodies to give them their desired look. K. Michelle took fans on her journey after her backside appeared to deflate in a social media clip. She assisted other women in getting help through her own Lifetime series.

Cardi B has always been vocal about her cosmetic journey. After giving birth to baby number 2, the rapper shared how she excited she was to get some more work done. Well it seems that has changed as she’s now talking about getting some of her work removed. The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker says she’s had about 95% of the biopolymers put in her backside removed. Cardi has been very honest about her work, and while she still supports women’s right to get things done, she encourages them to consider BBLCs before injecting anything into themselves.

Blac Chyna is the latest to go public about her journey. In a video from a day ago, Chyna says she is “changing her life and changing her ways.” Reporting live from the doctor’s office, Chyna says that the silicone in her backside needs to go so that she can grow to the next level in her life. She shared the journey over several videos, admitting that she was on her fifth surgery. She says that she is “passing the baton” and will also be rocking her natural nails and leaving a lot of things behind for younger women to do while she takes on a more sophisticated form.

In addition, Blac Chyna has also announced she has deactivated her Only fans account. The account seemed very lucrative for the reality star. Last year it was rumored Blac Chyna made $240 million on the platform which was obviously not accurate considering her net worth. However the reality star has definitely made millions. Blac Chyna recently sat down with Jason Lee when she discussed her decision to leave the platform. According to Chyna her children are getting older and they can see everything.

Jason Lee couldn’t believe Blac Chyna shut her entire account down considering how much income she was generating from it. “Why?,” Lee stated. Chyna responded that she’s changing everything about her and called it a dead end. Lee encouraged her to keep the account and possibly change up her content strategy. However it the reality star says she has other things to do and bigger fish to fry.

Blac Chyna revealed her new look in a recent video. In the caption, she doubled down on this new life, saying, “I want you all to be a part of my life-changing journey. πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈI Reduced my breast and Gluteus maximus. You all have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that.” she signed off with her birth name, Angela White.

In her last video, Chyna says she was nervous to find out the results of her surgery and what effect the silicone has had on her body. “I am a little bit concerned. I am really concerned. I really want to know what he has to say about the silicone. I’m so curious now to see how much he took out.” Blac Chyna says her surgery took longer than it was supposed to and that worried her, so she was eager to speak to her doctor.

Fans in the comments also suggested the reality star removes injections from her face. Chyna revealed she’ll be completing that process next.

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