Blac Chyna Mom Denies She Makes $20M A Month, Claims She’s Renting Her Rolls Royce

Is Blac Chyna really banking more than we believe she is? Recent reports claim that the social media and reality star is raking in millions per month on Only Fans. However, not only have some fans and celebrities begun to question the legitimacy of these reports but so is her own mother. Tokyo Toni is always outspoken and never one to bit her tongue, and she’s calling cap on the entire story.

According to Statista, a site that provides research and analysis with market and consumer data, Blac Chyna was the top earner on OnlyFans in 2021. The website claims that the star of The Real Blac Chyna brought in an estimated monthly payout of $20 million earned, perhaps due to many subscribers. Currently, it costs $19.99 for a subscription to her page. 

But many things come into question as it pertains to her earnings. For one, Celebrity Net Worth estimates hers to be around $5 million. Then, there’s the news surrounding her finances revealed in her defamation case against the Kardashian family earlier this year, which she ultimately lost. Her testimony to the judge definitely did not reflect the recent news of her monthly income.

News of the hefty profits also made many question its validity, such as comedian Lil Duval. The Jacksonville, Florida native took to Twitter to express his disbelief in those who accept that Blac Chyna is a top earner on the platform. The “Big Sexy Thang” performer shared that actions like this confirm that many are “not living in reality anymore.”

Also, Blac Chyna’s flesh and blood is not buying the claims either. Her mother, Tokyo Toni – with whom she shares a contentious public relationship, mentioned on the Night and Day Network that “something’s wrong.” Tokyo Toni wonders how her own daughter could have her mother still “hustling on the streets” if she’s raking in a $20 million income. She also questions the claims due to Blac Chyna having to “turn in her Rolls Royce.” In addition, she is encouraging Blac Chyna and her legal team to dispute the reports of her financial earnings. “I don’t believe it because I got eyes, and I’ve been around,” said Tokyo Toni.

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