Bill Cosby, 84 Back On Trial For 1975 Incident Involving Woman At Playboy Mansion, One Year After Being Freed

Bill Cosby has to be one of the saddest falls from grace in American history. The beloved television actor, film star, and comic saw his picture-perfect image shattered when women began coming forward with stories of the alleged abuse. While he’s served some time, Cosby is back on trial and could be forced to ‘pay up’ from an incident in 1975.

Bill Cosby Freed After Serving Three Years

Several women came out over the years with stories about their time with Cosby and the ways in which he was inappropriate. His 2018 conviction stemmed from charges in connection to his case with Andrea Constand from 2004 while she was at Temple University.  While many felt relief knowing he was behind bars, that came crumbling down when it was revealed in 2021 that he would be getting released on a technicality.

While Bill Cobsy’s release does not prove his innocence, the prosecutors violated Cosby’s rights by not honoring a promise made to him in 2005. Initially, Cosby and Constand settled out of court, and the district attorney agreed not to arrest him. However, the state of Pennsylvania tried to overturn this decision, resulting in Cosby’s incarceration in 2018. The confession used to lock him up eventually had to be tossed out because it violated that promise made in 2005, resulting in Bill Cosby walking free. 

Bill Cosby’s Year Of Freedom

Cosby has been determined to regain some normalcy following his stint in the slammer. The television dad began using social media regularly and had plans to get on a speaking tour to reconnect with fans. He shared a picture with fans on his birthday last July, letting them know he was in good spirits and happy to be reunited with his wife. “I just got a fresh cut for my birthday dinner tonight. In the words of James Brown, ‘It’s A Man’s World, But It Wouldn’t Be Nothing Without A Woman, Girl & Mrs. Camille Cosby.'”

The now 84-year-old Cosby is completely blind but had very clear plans for the coming months, including a book and documentary about his life. In a press conference around the time of his release, his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt said, “People want to hear and see this guy. He can sell out shows. People want to hear Mr. Cosby. He is loved by millions.” Unfortunately, Bill Cosby’s plans to go on tour were derailed following the announcement of Judy Huth’s civil suit.

Jury Selection For The Judy Huth Civil Trial Has Begun 

Judy Huth is the latest woman to see her suit make it to trial this past Monday, May 23rd, where jury selection began. Huth’s case was originally filed in 2014 at the height of women coming out with stories. 60 women came forward in total. However, many of their cases were put on hold when Cosby was apprehended in 2015.  With Cosby being released last year, it freed the courts to move forward with the civil cases against him. Huth is one of the first ones to be pushed through. 

According to Huth, she was groped by Cosby over 50 years ago during a party at the Playboy Mansion when she was only a teenager. Apparently, they first met at Los Angeles Park in 1975, where he was filming a movie. Judy Huth says that Cosby got close with her and her friends, all between the ages of 15 and 16, and invited them to play tennis. Later he took them to the Playboy Mansion. Huth alleges that it was there that Mr. Cosby gave her alcohol and took advantage of her. 

Judy has gotten some push back from people after it was revealed that she changed the date of the incident by one year. Initially, she told the court that she met Cosby in 1974 and then changed it to 1975. Bill Cosby’s legal team asked a judge to dismiss the case due to her inconsistencies, but the judge declined.

Huth’s case is unique because it is the only one that involves a person who was underaged. Huth is also one of the few remaining civil cases, as many of the others got dropped, settled, or dismissed while Cosby was incarcerated. 

Bill Cosby Facing More Legal Issues

Bill Cosby is currently worth $400 million, however, he is facing more civil law suits. After Bill Cosby’s civil case against Judy Huth concludes, the comedian will have to face Lili Bernard. Lili Bernard is one of the other remaining civil cases still open against the comedian. The aspiring actress is asking for $225 million in connection to a series of run-ins with Cosby in the early ’90s.

Lili states that she met Bill when he attempted to mentor her, instead only taking advantage of her. Eventually, he forced her to have intercourse at the Trump hotel in Atlantic City. She claims she still deals with the emotional scarring of their time together. 

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