Bill Bellamy Doesn’t Think He Would’ve Married His Wife If They Met Sooner

For a long time, How To Be A Player star Bill Bellamy has upheld what many viewed as a “player” lifestyle. After all, he’s why everyone is familiar with the phrase “booty call.” The stand-up comedian and actor popularized the term after an iconic appearance on Def Comedy Jam in the 90s. But what many didn’t know about Bellamy is that for the last 21 years, Bellamy has been married.

Bill Bellamy’s Wife, Kristen Bellamy, Is An Actress

On June 16, 2001, Bill Bellamy wed his longtime wife, Kristen Bellamy. Born in Minnesota, she quickly migrated with her family to Los Angeles, where she was raised. According to IMDB, the actress is best known for her roles in 2016’s The Bounce Back, which starred her husband alongside Shemar Moore, and ABC’s The Fix in 2019. She is also NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s cousin.   Kristen Bellamy founded the company “kaftans by Kristen Bellamy,” inspired by her desire to “create a line that every woman could feel chic and beautiful wearing.” She is also the CEO of Hollymom Productions.

Bill Bellamy and Kristen Bellamy Have Been Married For 20 Years

It’s not easy for marriages in Hollywood to thrive, as can be seen with many relationships. But the former MTV VJ stated that it’s “simple” for the couple. While speaking with Essence, Bill Bellamy expressed that “communication and connection” are kept at the forefront for their marriage to remain healthy. The actor shared that he does his best to make time for his family, no matter how busy his schedule may get. “I never thought that would happen to me because I always thought my career was everything,” said Bill Bellamy. In addition, he viewed his career path as his “family” at a time, but he can now understand the meaning and essence of the word.

The couple was also highlighted in an episode of OWN’s Black Love. Kristen Bellamy shared that she was also focused on her career aspirations and getting in touch with herself. “I wasn’t even thinking about men,” she said. However, the actress recalled first encountering her future husband at an audit class, where she remembered him chronically arriving late.   “He was just so loud,” said Kristen Bellamy during their segment. The actress revealed that she initially “didn’t think there was a connection.” However, it was apparent after their first awkward interaction.

But they kept in communication over time, making sure to talk on the phone. The couple appeared on the Arsenio show in 2016 and further discussed their initial connection. “Timing is everything,” said Kristen Bell. She recalled Bill Bellamy not wanting to get married when they first met, with him admitting that he was “wild” at the time.  “She met me at the tail end of that,” the actor said. Soon, he was able to recognize exactly who she was to him, and Bellamy decided to lock it down two years after meeting. 

Bill Bellamy and Kristen Bellamy Has Two Children

The Bellamys once appeared on season 7 of Celebrity Family Feud along with their two children. Their first daughter, Bailey Ivory-Rose Bailey, is reported to be around 18 or 19 years old. They also share a younger teenage son named Baron Bellamy. Bill Bellamy spoke about his experience with fatherhood with Essence. During the interview, he talked about how having a daughter changed his perception of a bevy of things. The actor also shared that the couple chooses to “expose their children” to a variety of what life offers so that they may be well-rounded.

Bill and Kristen Thinks It Was Destiny To Meet Later In Life

The couple recently celebrated a milestone of 21 years of being married. The Black Love account shared a clip of their segment to commemorate their love. Kristen Bell revealed that she didn’t grow up thinking of having children and being married until she met Bill. The actress stated that he had “all of the qualities” that made her start viewing life differently, including the family. Kristen Bell added that her husband was the “manifestation of what a partner should be” and her “destiny.”

She further shared that she had to be aligned with the Universe for him to “come as soon” as he had. In addition, it was revealed that they had numerous opportunities to bump into one another. However, Kristen Bell indicates that had they connected earlier or later, they perhaps could have just been added to one another’s “roster” instead of being married today.

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